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The New York Times

Nobody has incurred responsibility for this act of terrorism. The political wing of the Chechen separative movement in which head costs is no time the elite in presidents of the Chechen Republic Aslan Maskhadov, has denied the participation in this act of violence in the statement placed on the Internet - a site www. chechenpress. com. But Aslan Maskhadov`s representative in London Ahmed Zakaev in the statement has added that Russia can stop acts of terrorism, only having put an end to own violence in the Chechen Republic. The Russian soldiers were often accused of cruelty and illegal actions concerning the peace population during war, and government attempts to find and punish criminals and remained attempts... In March during a referendum Chechens have unequivocally voted for the new constitution which strong adhered this republic to Moscow and established new rules. Many critics of a referendum declare that its results by the Soviet tradition have been garbled, others consider that anyway they reflect will of the people which have tired of war. The insurgents struggling against the Russian presence at the Chechen Republic, however have rejected Vladimir Putin`s plans, and today mass-media quoted the statement of mister Zakaeva that acts of terrorism will repeat and will become frequent during the pre-election period .

The Guardian
Muscovites began to be afraid that war in the Chechen Republic can soon be thrown on streets of their city. After a theatre siege on Dubrovke of a security measure in capital have been considerably raised. Many peace Chechens had the big problems at reception of permissions from militia for entrance to the Russian capital. Within last nine months of a security measure were gradually reduced, however at festival in Tushine before there was an act of terrorism, there was a lot of militia.
Yesterday people brought all the day long flowers to the improvised memorial to victims of act of terrorism in airdrome in Tushine. Security measures were extreme, - one of come has told, - never know, where and when there can be a trouble . Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II has spent pominalnuju service in a temple of the Christ of the Savior. One of parishioners, Lyudmila, speaks: it became very terrible to live In Moscow - there are no guarantees .

The Daily Telegraph
Many Chechens say that [acts of terrorism] reflect despair of people, within almost ten years living in conditions of war and bombardments. They accuse the Russian military men of kidnapping, rapes and murders. Latest developments have undermined statements of the Kremlin about a world establishment in region where the military helicopter owing to what four soldiers were lost only has the day before broken. The representative of FSB has declared that falling has occurred from - for technical malfunctions.
Insurgents have strengthened the attacks after have refused to recognise results of a March referendum in the Chechen Republic. Moscow has declared that this referendum has shown desire of the Chechen people to remain as a part of the Russian Federation. For mister Putin it is act of terrorism became serious blow: after all all a day before it he declared carrying out on October, 5th presidential election in the Chechen Republic. The Kremlin has presented this event as the main step to a world establishment... Officials say that the government is full of determination not to allow insurgents to ruin the peaceful settlement plan in the Chechen Republic.

Die Tageszeitung
And still as - that marvellously quickly life in Moscow has entered into the usual channel. Capital mayor Yury Luzhkov has insisted on that all large actions were spent according to earlier planned plan. So, despite of everything, it has solemnly opened a beer holiday at stadium Luzniki . Diligence from which all traces of acts of terrorism are eliminated, seems suspicious. For half a year to elections in the Duma and eight months prior to presidential election to citizens of Russia have reminded that here four years Vladimir Putin wages war and that this war mentions also Moscow. During the previous elections the president promised to establish calmness and an order, and instead he has created a society shaken with war.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Terror against the people who are not participating in war: explosions of terrorists - suicides on fate - festival, mass capture of hostages at theatre, live bombs in buses. War in the Chechen Republic has taken the form of the Palestinian intifada. Among peace citizens blow up itself martyrs of Islam which hatred pushes on it, thirst to sweep and one of the most radical and wild directions of Islam. Almost always the purpose of acts of terrorism - is as much as possible victims. After each act of terrorism it becomes clear that the following act of terrorism will not keep itself waiting long and that it is impossible to be protected from it.

The Globe and Mail
On Monday Moscow has nervously returned to work after days off when the Chechen war has appeared suddenly again in the Russian capital in such bloody kind, having left after itself 15 dead and the frozen city...
mister Putin is very popular in the country - it is expected that he will stand for the second term. And the Chechen conflict, perhaps, a unique problem which can rise at it on a way and prevents it to remain on a post.