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Vladimir Putin has called to pick out terrorists from caves

Yesterday in the Kremlin president Vladimir Putin has held meeting with agents of national security on which were discussed last act of terrorism in Tushine and a situation in the Chechen Republic. About the Chechen insurgents he did not say so sharp speeches since that moment as in the beginning of the second campaign has promised to presoak them in a toilet . In particular, the president has declared that with those who bosses in the Chechen Republic and is a part of the international terrorist network, is useless to spend preventive work . They need to be picked out from cellars and caves where they hide till now, and to destroy, - Vladimir Putin has called. - today, after a series of last acts of terrorism, we can say that the gangsters operating in the Chechen Republic, are not simply connected with the international terrorist organisations, they became an integral part, maybe, even the most dangerous part of the international terrorist web... I once again will underline that any of the world states does not follow the tastes of terrorists. Will not make it and Russia. Because the first step on this way will mean the beginning of disintegration of the state and then the quantity of victims will grow in tens, hundreds and thousand times .
Thus the president has declared that reciprocal resolute actions of federal soldiers on acts of terrorism should be dot and selective . In no event it is impossible to give in on provocation on which we are pushed with terrorists. They achieve it and count that our actions will be nonprofessional that they is mentioned the peace population which will turn away from those processes which are begun today in the Chechen Republic. We should not admit it " at all; - the president has told.
injured with Saturday act of terrorism in Tushine Vladimir Putin has urged to assist, and also To make everything that depends on us, to encourage and is material relatives of victims .