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Boris Gryzlov has intercepted heroin at security officers


In Moscow suburbs the largest is withdrawn in the history of law enforcement bodies of Russia a consignment of drugs - more than 400 kg of heroin which drug dealers carried to Moscow in KamAZe . The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov has hastened to report that withdrawal - result of its order on increase of vigilance of police officers on the highways conducting in big cities. But, as correspondent ALEXANDER - ZHEGLOV has found out, the militia to it has the indirect relation. The basic work was made by security officers situated near Moscow.
operation has begun past Wednesday after on secret-service channels in orehovo - zuevsky department UFSB across Moscow and Moscow Region the information has arrived that Vladimir towards Moscow was left by a van KamAZ with licence plates of Kirghizia. Security officers waited for this call for a long time. Some months they conducted work on revealing of the large channel of regular deliveries to Russia of heroin from Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
having made time calculation, security officers have understood that KamAZ already approaches on Orehovu - Zuevu. The chief of department has called on a control post of militia 5 - go spetsbatalona dorozhno - patrol service of traffic police of Moscow suburbs which is on entrance to a city, and with the employees has rushed off on a post. To keep operation details in a secret, security officers have informed militiamen that in KamAZe there is an explosive, and have asked to stop the truck and to wait their arrival.
the chief of a post the senior lieutenant of militia Alexey Dobrynin, as well as it is necessary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has informed on an event of field investigators of FSB and the heads. The commander 5 - go spetsbatalona traffic police has decided to strengthen a post search department. Its employees have arrived simultaneously with security officers. Having understood what to hide the information senselessly, security officers have informed militiamen that in KamAZe not an explosive, and heroin. And soon on road the truck has seemed.
Alexey Dobrynin has stopped the car. When the driver (the citizen of Kirghizia Magomet Husejnov) left and has shown documents, security officers have put on handcuffs it and on two passengers.
KamAZ have driven away on orehovo - zuevsky factory the Respirator . Workers of factory have opened an additional self-made tank behind a cabin of the driver. In it there was a hiding place.
there there were 220 kg of pure heroin, - Boris Gryzlov has told next day to journalists. Is a considerable quantity of heroin which when - or was withdrawn by employees of law-enforcement bodies . It also has reminded that according to its order vigilance of police officers on the highways conducting in the largest cities of Russia has been raised. Having let know, what exactly it also has led to such outstanding success, the minister, truth, has not forgotten and about security officers, having told that they too took part in examination KamAZa .
Party really large. According to minister Gryzlov, the withdrawn heroin would suffice on 1 million 100 thousand narcodoses. it is possible to estimate and on - to another: about 500 thousand persons we have released from a possible drug addiction - he has told.
in FSB from official comments have refrained, and have informally told so: it is accepted to work For us much and to speak a little not to damage to business. At colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, probably, on - to another: the main thing - in a report to register and report at once on the heads, and those, without knowing details, at once in the press. It is insulting, could make the big business. It will be now more difficult .
In the Ministry of Internal Affairs really did not know only. For this reason Boris Gryzlov also has told only about half of heroin. When its subordinates have left from factory territory Respirator that to register in a report survey KamAZa has proceeded. Security officers and workers of factory have disassembled the truck literally on small screws and have thus taken from several hiding places about 200 kg of heroin and two pistols of a TT with mufflers.