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Obokrali Oleg Mironov
Yesterday in the centre of Moscow unknown persons obokrali office of the representative under human rights in the Russian Federation Oleg Mironov. In a protected seven-story building in the Mjasnitsky street, belonging Ministry of economic development and trade, besides the device of the representative the various organisations, including parliament of Union State of Russia and Belarus take place.
at 9 o`clock employees of office of the Russian ombudsman have informed in militia that, having come for work, they have found out Oleg Mironov`s offices and its device of Igor Astapkina operating affairs by the opened. In both premises safes have been opened. Under the initial data, criminals have ostensibly stolen any documents, 5 thousand rbl. and two souvenirs. But Oleg Mironov has denied this information. As he said, in the safe no documents existing, there there was a small sum of money in the Russian roubles - the salary from university where the ombudsman gives lectures. In the message a press - services of mister Mironov have characterised incident as an attack on offices . At the same time the spouse of the ombudsman Zoe Mironov has not excluded that thieves actually searched for the compromising evidence in connection with forthcoming re-elections on a post of the representative under human rights in Russia.
it is interesting that on the fourth floor where offices of mister Mironov and upravdelami its device have been opened, are also accounts department and cash desks of the device of the legal expert. However their criminals have not touched.