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UVZ has shown KLAAS

Yesterday Sverdlovsk defensive enterprise FGUP “ ON “ Ural Carriage-Building Plant “ presented a new kind of civil production - universal tractor RT - M - 160. Its start in a batch production will help to compensate to factory absence of the defensive order for armour. The administration does not exclude that the agricultural machinery lineup will be expanded at the expense of manufacture of hinged and hook-on units on technology of the German company “ ΚLAAS “.
FGUP “ ON “ Ural Carriage-Building Plant “ (UVZ) - the largest defensive enterprise of Sverdlovsk area specialising on manufacture of tanks. The most known model is T - 72. Till now this tank is on arms in 50 countries of the world. Along with military technology UVZ made also civil production: Cargo semicars, tanks, caterpillar both wheel dredges and loaders which, truth, occupy an insignificant share (nearby 10 - 15 %) in total amount of manufacture of the enterprise.
last working out UVZ - T - 90Ρ has appeared not claimed in Russia. Despite high technical characteristics, Ural Carriage-Building Plant has concluded the unique contract on delivery of tanks of this model - with India. As already informed “ “ this year UVZ will finish its performance. On the defensive state order to count in the nearest some years it is not necessary. Representatives of agency “ Rosoboroneksport “ officially declared freezing of the state order for tanks till 2010. After UVZ will definitively finish work under the Indian order, the basic conveyor on which there is an assemblage of tanks, it will be preserved.
therefore the administration has made the decision on increase in conversion programs. Manufacture of new model of a tractor of middle class RT - M - 160 became one of them. Yesterday in state farm Petrokamensky (Nizhni Tagil) the presentation of new working out of Ural Carriage-Building Plant has taken place. It is analogue of tractor LTZ - 155, which else in Soviet period has been developed by designers of Lipetsk tractor factory, but and has not been started in a batch production. As designers RT - M - 160 have told on presentation, the new tractor possesses the advanced knots that allows to involve it not only in agriculture, but also in other branches. For example, in building and municipal spheres.
the basic advantage which has been shown yesterday on presentation, designers name capacity: it, unlike other domestic and foreign models, is capable to put in action simultaneously five units. That is remarkable, units which towed TR - M - 160, have been given by the German company KLAAS which is the world leader in manufacture of agricultural machinery.
joint tests UVZ and KLAAS as representatives nizhnetagilskogo have explained the enterprises, were not casual. Now negotiations are carried on for joint venture creation on manufacture of agricultural units for agriculture. As the assistant " has explained; “ general director UVZ Vladimir Boldintsev, by calculations UVZ, in the near future this technics will be especially claimed, as in Russia agriculture growth is observed. Therefore demand for agricultural machinery in the market constantly increases.
as has told to the correspondent “ “ the head a press - services of Ural Carriage-Building Plant Boris Mineev, the project is at a discussion stage. As he said, company KLAAS searches in Russia for the partner - factory on which base the German company could make the technics. “ it has arrived six offers from different Russian manufacturers, including from our enterprise. KLAAS has chosen us “ - has told in conversation with the correspondent “ “ mister Mineev. Representatives of company KLAAS have visited the beginning of August on Ural Carriage-Building Plant where have signed with management UVZ the report on cooperation. “ while we do not know, in what form it will be organised. Probably, we will create joint venture, and is possible, our factory it will be simple to carry out company KLAAS orders. Anyway we will co-operate, because it will allow Ural Carriage-Building Plant to give a full-time job of thousand workers which will be liberated after end of the Indian order “ - Boris Mineev has underlined.