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The Venetian lady has looked younger

festival cinema

the program 60 - go an anniversary Venetian film festival Is declared. Along with expected prime ministers of films of the largest masters in it there were pictures - surprises so the general list strongly differs from the predicted. ANDREY - PLAHOV makes comments.
Venice name the grandee - the lady of festival movement: it is more senior and blagorodnee everything, has confessed in youth sins (Mussolini`s hobby) and less other festivals are subject to political and market gamble. After recognised unsuccessful last Cannes festival rumours that here in Venice there will be a supercompetition entirely consisting of director`s supernames were spread. However director Venetian Mostry Moritz de as a result has given out to Hadeln the program from 20 films, more likely focused on new names and territories. From veterans Marko Bellokkio will participate in competition (" only; Hi, night ) Jacque Duajon ( rajja ) and Margarete a background of Trotta ( Rozenshtrasse ) which, by the way, are not registered for a long time already on the best in the world directors. From fashionable names are presented Israeli Amos Gitaj ( Alila ), British Michael Uinterbottom ( the Code 46 ) and Taiwanese Tsaj Minljan ( Hi, hotel ` the Dragon ` ). Undoubtedly, a program ornament Takesi Kitano (" looks; Zatojchi ) . At last, in Venice it will be noted 94 - summer Portuguese classic Manuel de by Olivejra a film the Speaking picture with Katrin Deneuve and John Malkovich.
however in competition is both the Serbian film, and Polish ( the Pornography Yana Jacob Kolsky), and the works representing new French cinema, - Feelings Naomi Lvovski and Twenty nine palm trees Bruno Djumona (this film the Cannes selection commission has scandalously rejected). There is a young cinema from Latin America, and - that is especially symptomatic - from Russia: a film - Andrey Zvyagintsev`s debut Returning (wrote yesterday about an unknown festival demand of this picture). The film of Murada Ibragimbekova participates In competition korotkometrazhek Oil . To it it is necessary to add that Alexey Herman`s film - younger Last train will participate in competition of debuts. So forecasts about the Russian participation in Venice too have not absolutely justified, to be exact, have not justified at all: after all till now as the main candidates on the Venetian competition pictures of our veterans - Vadim Abdrashitova, Sergey Soloveva, Stanislav Govorukhin were considered.
However, hors concours in the official program nevertheless there will be a flow of stars. And director`s - from Vudi Allen and brothers Cohen to Bernardo Bertolucci and Ridley Scott, and actor`s - from Anthony Hopkins to Nicole Kidman, from George Clooney to Ketrin Zety - Johns. Name as possible visitors of Venice and Denni de Vito, both Christina Richchi, and Nicolas Cage, and Antonio Banderas, and still many celebrities of the biggest calibre.
apparently, anniversary Venetian festival it becomes valid a cinema holiday. However it will not be a celebration of the Hollywood glamour. The management of Mostry has taken care of that the worthy place has occupied having not the most easy times of cinema of Europe, and also Asia though film business in this part of the world has essentially suffered from epidemic of an atypical pneumonia. A symbol of forthcoming festival many name 14 - summer Samiru Mahmalbaf - the younger representative of the well-known Iranian film dynasty who will present the documentary film and will participate in competition on the best debut. It is really symbolical: the Venetian lady, without refusing respectability, tries to look younger, and, seemingly, it is possible to it.