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In ears zarjabit from pink points
In club - 2 unique concert gives Legendary Pink Dots. Legendary pink points - group cult and mysterious. On covers of disks among its constant participants are registered among other Prophet Ka - the Silver Person Has sung also. At the disposal of these mysterious beings are not only usual guitars, synthesizers, flutes, lyres, tea cups and a vocal, but also something under the name vox inhumana . Today rare possibility to hear " is given; an inhuman voice the ears to learn, who such the Prophet and the Silver Person, and alive to take pleasure in bewitching music Legendary Pink Dots.

the Command of the Israeli collective farms will show dances in bed
At Small theatre ballet festival Grand pas - one of the most known Israeli troupes, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company proceeds, will present the latest work Screensaver directed by the choreographer and set designer Rami Beera. At us it while is unknown, but has a reputation the wizard of a scene and the master of extraordinary lighting effects. Screensaver - ballet about Israelis, sensual and aggressive, - the import press has already christened dances in bed .