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The astrological forecast

Tuesday, on February, 7th


Today promises to be as a whole quiet, though and not without problems. To show special activity it is not necessary - to operate better by inertia. Be engaged in concrete routine work which hands and which to you, probably earlier did not reach, not to liking (and calm itself that today this best application of forces).
See the firm documentation, rake correspondence blockages. Well to check up accounts - the slightest error can expensively manage to you. It would be quite good, if you have prepared contracts which to you should be signed in the near future.
from dialogue with associates you, most likely, do not receive any pleasure (it does not concern, perhaps, only to born under signs on the Aries and the Capricorn - they today in blow). And associates not painfully - that will be pleased with conversation with you.
scorpions and Fishes this Tuesday do not need to hurry events. You can easily lose sense of proportion. To maidens of a planet do not advise to waste time on the decision of serious problems - vain efforts.
today you can have problems in dialogue with representatives of an opposite sex. Men should be tactful and tolerant. Though it will not strongly rescue a situation. Secular evening in the company pleasant to you of the person can become especially intense - not to tell each other mucks, it is necessary to collect all will in a fist.
however if at you serious intentions, do not deliberate - safely ask a hand and heart. Probably, to you will agree. It is not excluded, however, and an opposite outcome (can, it to the best?) .
So, the today`s working day is better to finish before, then to arrive home and not to answer phone calls (especially it is not necessary to open a door to unexpected visitors). The TV is better be not to including - you will be irritated with all: advertising inserts, films, programs, announcers, and also that they speak. It is especially unpleasant to see own person on the screen - it will disappoint you (and not only you).