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KamAZ and the Saxon companies create the joint venture

joint-stock company KamAZ and Saxon industrially - share community (SIBG) have signed the agreement on joint venture creation on manufacture of transmissions for cars. According to Handelsblatt, the agreement provides building in Tatarstan new factory. Shares of participation in joint venture KamAza and SIBG are equal. At a rough guess, building of factory which will begin in the middle of 1996 and will last till April, 1997, Its productivity will manage in DM680 million will make 200 000 transmissions in a year. Negotiations are for the present carried on for project financing with Association of Deutsche Banks, the East Europe bank and company Hermes Kreditversicherungs AG. However it is already known that the quarter from a total sum will give KamAZ.

Croats have promised to execute ship-building the contract of decade
in the Summer of last year told about descent to water of the first of 12 tankers of type product carrier with displacement nearby 40 000 t, ordered to the Croatian ship builders Novorossisk sea shipping company (NMP). The contract for a $368 million total sum (which has allowed to name this event the contract of decade ) Has been signed in second half of 1993, and its performance is calculated for 3 years. However the first tanker and has not been handed over the customer by the end of last year - the part of obligations on financing of the contract was executed by the Croatian company INA - Industrija Nafte. The similar delay in building (from 2 till 5 months) extends at least on 8 of 12 courts. Threat of failure of the contract has led to creation of state company Hrvatska Brodogradnja which has incurred financing of works under guarantees of the government of Croatia. General director NMP Leonid Loza meeting during the visit to Zagreb with Croatian prime minister - minister Nikitsoj Valentichem, was it is quite satisfied by the heard explanations - Croats assert that despite initial delays, the contract as a whole will be executed in time - by the end of 1996.

a share holding Sahalinelektrosvjazi Has got to Englishmen
the Winner of investment competition on sale of 20 % of actions of joint-stock company Sahalinelektrosvjaz there was English company Cable and Wireless. In competition which was spent by the commission of the Sakhalin regional fund of property, the Holmsky fish port and the American telecommunication firm Celular took part also. Obligations which has incurred Cable and Wireless, provide investments at a rate of $10 million within three years in modernisation of long-distance automatic telephone exchanges of the regional centres of the Sakhalin region.

manufacturers of planes have mastered the equipment for laundries
the Factory of civil production which is a part of Novosibirsk aviation production association of Tchkalov, has started tests of a pre-production model of the washing machine the Cedar - 2 . This car is intended for laundries (its working loading - 19 kg of dry linen) and will fill up assortment of conversion production of factory - since January, 1994 here the model " serially is issued; the Cedar . In new model it is not required to use compressed air so, very expensive and not so reliable compressor installation is not necessary. Therefore cost price the Cedar - 2 first will make about 11 million roubles ( the Cedar - 15 million). As Valery Rudnyh`s factory manager has told, tests of new model will come to the end by the end of February, and the portfolio of orders for this car contains already 30 demands. As a whole this year the factory plans to make to order about 100 cars of both models.

in Moscow the exhibition " has opened; Metal - an Expo 95
Among organizers of the international exhibition which have begun yesterday work at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre - the Moscow specialised trading companies, the large metallurgical enterprises and Committee on metallurgy of Russia. The organising committee has expressed intention to make an exhibition annual. At an exhibition the large metallurgical enterprises - Magnitogorsk, New Lipetsk and Krasnoyarsk metallurgical industrial complexes, the large Moscow trading companies, commercial banks and the marketing companies are presented. A main objective Metal - an Expo ` 95 - expansion of clientele of metallurgical industrial complexes and the trading companies in the Russian market. The exhibition will last till February, 11th.

FAA has certificated new aircraft engine General Electric
In the end of the past week flight tests shirokofjuzeljazhnogo air liner Boeing - 777 with engines GE90 have begun. Plane tests became possible after end of certification by Federal aviation administration of the USA (FAA) the new engine of corporation General Electric - GE90, having take-off draught more than 38 tons. According to management General Electric, flight tests Boeing - 777 with engines GE90 will finish one of the most large-scale programs, when - or the aircraft engines undertaken by manufacturers.
certification Boeing - 777 should take place in August of this year. In September the airline of British Airways will begin operation of two new air liners. General Electric already possesses orders for aircraft engine GE90 for 44 Boeing - 777, and also 28 options for its acquisition for a total sum more than $1,5 billion GE continues also working out GE90 with the increased draught - more than 41 tons. Its certification is planned for May, 1996. Except GE in the program GE90 participate the French company Snecma, Italian FiatAvio and Japanese IHI.

Revival of tobacco business has lifted profits RJR Nabisco
In 1993 the American tobacco market had hard time - after in April there was sharply a reduced price for cigarettes Marlboro. In 1994 position has changed, and powerful lifting was outlined in tobacco operations. It, and also the increased profits in food business, have helped company RJR Nabisco (the manufacturer of cigarettes Camel, Winston, Salem and so forth) To increase the net profit for 1994 by 74 % - to $806 million
After attenuation cigarette war 1993 RJR Nabisco in 1994 has increased the operative profits on tobacco business by 23 % - to $1,48 billion On a share vysokopribylnyh, expensive cigarettes 60 % of sales of the company (in 1993 - 56 %) were necessary. The general share occupied with production of the company in the tobacco market, has fallen to 2 percentage points. Outside of the USA volumes of operations RJR for a year have increased by 6 %, and, in connection with lower expenses on manufacture and marketing, the operative profit has grown on 17 % - to $755 million Operative profit on food battalion Nabisco (letting out various products - from biscuits to baby food) in 1994 for the first time has passed a boundary of $1 mlrd, having risen to $1,16 mlrd (in 1993 - $995 million). Release of new products, share price growth at stock exchanges of the USA and the international expansion, including in the Eastern Europe and Russia became the success reasons.