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Fire in Moscow

In fire suppression

past Saturday 50 firemen participated in the centre of Moscow there was a fire which area has made 350 2. Fire had been completely destroyed a wooden building of expedition of Federal Agency of a forestry of Russia (5 - j the Monetchikovsky lane, 4). On a scene correspondents have visited.

the First message on ignition in an expedition building have arrived in a call centre of Management of the state fire service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow in 4. 35. When fire profits on a scene, two-storeyed rublenyj the private residence burnt with open fire. Having estimated the forces, fire have immediately requested reinforcements. There have arrived some more crews (all about 50 firemen). However to stop distribution of fire it it was not possible. To all other suppression essentially was at a loss from - that the nearest hydrants have appeared are frozen. Approximately an hour later after the fire beginning the roof of a building has fallen off and has fallen a part of walls. And in two hours it was possible to extinguish fire. The ignition reasons are not established yet. However, firemen do not exclude that the building has lighted up as a result of an arson.