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The restaurant criticism

In past uik - end in the Kremlin palace of congresses grandiose show of Italian fashion designer Laury Biadzhotti (p. 13 see) has taken place. This unprecedented action g - zha Biadzhotti has brought the feasible contribution not only in cultural and secular, but also gastronomic life of capital. After monumental representation the grandiose banquet on one and a half thousand the persons, passed in the best Kremlin traditions has been given. With the critical comment from a banquet room of the Palace of congresses - our correspondent DARYA - TSIVINA.

Laura Biadzhotti - the world famous fashion designer, the queen of cashmere the thin stylist, etc. - has dared at rather extravagant step. It has organised show in primordial Soviet impersko - the Kremlin genre, having given it a little comical and even a farcical shade. However, even if romantically - womanly Laura Biadzhotti also did not put before itself so effective problem, the result has turned out such. The models hardly appreciable on a huge majestic scene, the governmental ballet with heavy, as the resolution, a pas - de - de, a powerful opera aria, a flock of the charming children glorifying " on duty; aunt Lauru . And all it alternates shelkovo - linen and ljuministsirujushche - iridescent imaginations g - zhi Biadzhotti. In the end of all this phantasmagoria to the applause, passing in a rough ovation, there is also a hero of the festivities, the Italian fashion designer Laura Biadzhotti, all in white, sparkling and air.
it is necessary to give due the organizer of representation - it has appeared is rather thin stylised (it would be desirable it authors or not). Too it is possible to tell and about a banquet. The grandiose hall blocked by tables and the people, showed a tremendous show. In high windows of a palace are visible zolochennye domes of the Kremlin cathedrals, against the winter snow sky sparkled ruby stars, and on a scene the Kremlin masters of a platform threw out kolentsa. The deafening music, the raised persons of visitors, a ring of fighting ware, flash of cameras, red caviar and the dried up cheese, whisky with mineral water and gin with shvepsom - all has mixed up in this tremendous gastronomic show. Italians had fun as could, fearlessly washing down dry red exotic Smirnovym tirelessly distributing autographs and being photographed. Russian public leant on whisky, vodka and champagne. Most enterprising of the invited have occupied little tables in an amphitheatre, the others had supper without departing from tables - buffet, with a plug and a plate napereves. It is interesting that any defelirovanija on a hall the first an hour and a half it was not observed. Usual European zvannyj dinner it is reduced to that all invited, taking glasses and plates with snack, incessantly go on a hall, exchanging bows and talking with each other. Meal and drink process occupies on such action rather modest role, and the European word reception means food intake only in last turn. In Russian (or, perhaps, Soviet) a banquet is first of all a supper, therefore the basic time visitors give traditions to it, and only rare - each other.
tables - buffet in the Kremlin banquet room have appeared are covered duly the Palace of congresses. On them was a lot of caviar - both black (quite fresh), and red (dry and excessively salty). In general - that this product also became the basic sight of a celebratory supper and used the greatest popularity at visitors. Caviar with identical hunting of a fur-tree and Italians, and Russian. And the last in search of a favourite delicacy were not too lazy to bypass all tables - buffet of tens metres.
other snack as have been executed in the best traditions of the governmental kitchen - small canapes with herring and krevetochnym the oil, hepatic paste generously flavoured with oil, sevrjuga and a salmon, roses from tomatoes and cucumbers, chocolates in glass vases, dry biscuits, the Italian cheeses of three grades, pale stuffed fish, olives, is a little fruit. About this the exclusive, Kremlin cook training noted by regalia! How many in it of artless fraud, naive slyness and frank illiteracy! Pale round pancakes are shone as an award and stick to the teeth as the party charter. ZHjuleny are covered by a thick veil of a flour and sour cream under which tiny emaciated field mushrooms hardly breathe...
and on hot - paste : the traditional Italian dish prepared for expensive foreign visitors. As you will think, skolkih Italians, Frenchmen and Algerians were fed in the Kremlin palace such here with spaghettis, potafe and kebabami! And as all of them ate it with a passionless diplomatic smile... No, in the paste prepared in honour of Laury Biadzhotti, there was nothing of anything terrible. Usual such macaroni with type tomato sauce Ankl Benz - quite comprehensible supper of an ordinary Russian family, but rather doubtful ornament of a banquet table of the couturier. However, and macaroni has been met on hurrah . As fun in a hall has already reached a critical point. Infinitely long feet of models and checked up by time of a decollete of the governmental ladies, blazers of businessmen and motley waistcoats of showmen, long hair and wigs, hairpins and jack boots - all has broken into a dance under a cheerful soundtrack fate - n - a beater. Brilliant Laura Biadzhotti has flashed last time in a dark aperture of office accommodation as if a strange white bird. And its shining silhouette was dissolved between numbers of kitchen warehouse carts.
and last steams still dotantsovyvali a waltz or a tango. Someone wearily ate up zhjulen. The deep human river which has overflowed in the beginning of evening a rack of a bar, has turned to a thin streamlet. And gin with shvepsom ordered all less often, and Smirnoff even more often. And the late operator, having piled up a videocamera on a shoulder, already went to an exit. An empty hall, a canape mixed up with macaroni, splinters of glasses, it is black - white waiters and a scattering of sparkling spangles on a floor - from a dress of incomparable Laury Biadzhotti.