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the Term of investigation on business of Mavrodi is prolonged in the fifth time

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has prolonged yesterday till March, 4th a term of investigation on criminal case concerning president MMM Sergey Mavrodi. Oleg Gajdanov has informed On it zamgeneralnogo the public prosecutor of Russia. We will remind that Mavrodi is brought accusation in evasion from payment of taxes of one of firms headed by it “ invest - Consulting “. Having spent under guards of 70 days, the businessman on October, 13th last year has been released by court under a subscription about nevyezde. Later 17 days Mavrodi became the deputy of the State Duma of Russia on Mytishchinsky district. The term of investigation on business of president MMM lasts already in the fifth time.

the Businessman have shot in its car
in the Late evening on Friday in Moscow custom-made murder has been made. The general director of trading firm “ Three five “ Konstantin Lebedev has been killed by four shots in an emphasis in salon of the car of Ford Scorpio in Locomotive journey. Shooting was conducted from a pistol of foreign manufacture of calibre of 5,6 mm.
presumably, the murderer (on one of versions, it was a sign with the victim) has sat down in the car of the businessman coming back from work on road and has shot it when that has stopped near the house. However, field investigators do not exclude also that the criminal waited for Lebedev at an entrance. But anyway militiamen are convinced that shots in the businessman have been made from salon of its car.

mysterious death of protodeacon Michael
Employees of the Volgograd criminal investigation department have begun check of circumstances of  destruction of the protodeacon of church of Sacred and just prince Alexander Neva Michael. The cleric has been found out dead at an entrance of own house on February, 1st. The spent medicolegal investigation has found out high percent of alcohol in blood of the protodeacon. Therefore militiamen are inclined to believe that the priest was lost as a result of accident: coming back drunk home, it has slipped and has strongly hit a head about an iron rod.
the celibate priest of the same arrival of Didim adheres to other version: “ the Mortal blow has been directed on me, but by inexperience of murderers has got to my spiritual pupil “. He has told to the correspondent that unknown criminals already tried to finish with it (shortly before death of the protodeacon the door in apartment of the celibate priest has been blown up), and has declared that “ the Cossack investigation “ (Michael was the regimental priest of the Volgograd Cossacks) has begun own investigation of circumstances of death of the protodeacon. Today, according to celibate priest Didima, Cossacks already have “ testimony “ A certain woman who saw how shortly before detection of a body of the protodeacon two police officers beat near its houses “ the young guy “. The celibate priest does not doubt that “ the young guy “ was anybody other as protodeacon Michael.

in “ the Zhiguli “ three corpses
past Sunday nearby to Volokolamsk highway (Istrinsky area of Moscow Region) have found out the car " has been found; the Zhiguli “ in which salon there were corpses of three young men. As employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region have told, all of them have been killed at a short distance from TT pistols. On a scene it has been found six streljanyh sleeves. Militiamen try to establish persons of victims.

after the daughter the businessman has lost also the son
Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea has filed criminal charges upon murder of the son of the commercial director of known Crimean corporation “ Chestnut - service “ specialising including on a gaming, Oleg Dzjuby. The corpse of the young man has been found out on January, 27th in Simferopol. Unknown persons at first cut to the son of the businessman a throat, and then have hung up it in wood.
employees of Office of Public Prosecutor have declared to the correspondent that the given crime is made most likely by members of the same criminal community which attempted upon Oleg Dzjubu on January, 23rd at the Kiev airport “ Borispol “. As informed on January, 25th then businessman, his wife and 13 - the summer daughter, come back to Kiev from Frankfurt am Main, was fired by unknown persons. From the received wounds the daughter of the businessman has died on the spot, and Dzjuba in a grave condition has been hospitalised. The wife of the businessman has been wounded also. Shooting it was possible to disappear.
according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Oleg Dzjuba has steady authority on criminal circles of Crimea. It has three previous convictions, last time was involved in a criminal liability for fire-arms storage. To a train of January attempts at Dzjubu and members of his family, upon the businessman attempted three times. As a result of one of attacks the summer of 1994 had been killed its security guard. On one of the versions fulfilled by a consequence, all these attempts are connected with proceeding repartition of spheres of influence in the Crimean gaming.

the extortioner threatened to blow up “ the Children`s world “
past Saturday employees of the Moscow militia have detained several extortioners.
as employees capital UFSK, nearby 19 have told. 00 in service “ 02 “ the unknown person has called and has informed that on the third floor “ the Children`s world “ on Lubjanke the bomb is put. Militiamen had to evacuate visitors and sellers, and then with the help sluzhebno - search dogs to check shop premises. In 20. 30 malefactor has called once again. He has declared that will not blow up a bomb if to its accomplice who will approach to the central input of shop, will pay $3 thousand Calling has informed signs of the messenger. In the appointed place field investigators have detained the man who has come behind money. The arrested person was strongly drunk. Any bomb in shop and have not found.
this very day employees of regional department on the organised crime of the Department of Internal Affairs of Northern administrative district have detained the three extortioners one of which has appeared the former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Still on February, 1st the jobless Muscovite has addressed for the help in militia. He has told that three unknown persons have attacked it at an entrance of its house in Dubninsky street. The Muscovite have beaten, have planted in its own car “ the Field “ have pulled on eyes a sports hat and have taken away in an unknown direction. When a hat have removed, the unemployed has seen that it is in a cellar. Threatening with punishment, extortioners have demanded, that the stolen has issued addressed to one of them the general power of attorney on the car and has paid $4 thousand Then a victim have released for a whip-round. By transfer of money near metro station “ the Airport “ militiamen have detained gangsters.

gangsters employees of capital RUOP to apartment on Crimean to a shaft do not test difficulties with an explosive
past Saturday have found 3 kommuljativnyh a charge of the directed action and six fuses to them.
This very day at firm office “ Rik “ (5 - I Park street, 28) employees of the same management have withdrawn 200 - the gramme trotyl draught, the charged pistol of a TT and more than 200 cartridges of various calibres. However on Monday criminals have shown that stocks of trotyl at them have not run low yet. In 2. 25 in the house #15 in the street the Warm Camp has thundered powerful explosion which has left without glasses half of house and without doors three apartments. Nobody has suffered. The bomb (its capacity was equivalent to 200 grammes of trotyl) has been suspended to the handle of a door of apartment of the senior laboratorian of the Moscow State University Michael Sohanenkova.