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Evening in embassy of Sweden

the Swedish diplomats revive Russian salon

In embassy of Sweden the guest-night which has collected in a uniform circle of representatives of the artistic and political world has taken place. Visitors were accepted the plenipotentiary ambassador of Sweden in the Russian Federation by Sven Hirdman and Mariann Hirdman`s his wife. The small concert of chamber music was one of bodies of evening.

it is possible, about the musical event which was passing in so narrow circle, it would be not necessary to report in detail. However the charm gave to an invention it kamernost thanks to which the forgotten genre - salonnoe playing music has revived for a long time.
the right to begin a concert has been given Rolandu Pentinenu. This young Swedish pianist already enough known in Europe, last year accompanied in Moscow to the soloist of the Royal opera of Silvii Lindenstrand. Performed by Pentinena music XIX and the XX-th century beginnings, belonging to masters of a piano miniature of different national schools - to Swede Stenhammaru, Russian Skryabin, Frenchman Debussy, Spaniard Granadosu, Pole Chopin sounded. The manner of execution of Rolanda Pentinena quite corresponds to one of the main tendencies in modern ispolnitelstve - antimuseum, aspiring, unlike also influential authentic approach, not to underline specificity of national styles, epoch and author`s manners, and, on the contrary, to pull together them, having shipped in uniform neo-romantic elements. Next day Pentinen with success has acted in the Rahmaninovsky hall of Conservatory.
the circle of the actors replacing each other near a small room grand piano, was as is international, as well as a circle of authors, them executed. The concert has continued Russian - a Japanese duet Cyril Rodin (violoncello) - Shina Ibusuki (piano) which have executed the Nocturne of Tchaikovsky and the masterly play of Czech composer Popper. And the main success has fallen to a lot of singer Natalia Erasovoj and its excellent accompanist Igor Kotlyarevsky. Let in singing some defects, but the romances of Rakhmaninov executed by it were Erasovoj as if have opened on - new. New as it often happens, it has appeared to invite the old forgotten Russian tradition known actors to sing in a house circle. Swedes have recovered this tradition.
in conclusion of evening all musicians, and also g - n with the spouse and representatives of sponsors have been accepted by Hirdman in honorary members Gold club . So the new musical telecast which first release should compensate a little to the reader who is not entering while in a circle of friends of the Swedish diplomats, the missed impressions will be called.