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The claim to Sotsprofu

Trade-union leaders have offended by a word and Business

On joint-stock company the Muscovite (were AZLK) the conflict between two trade unions has inflamed. One of them - branch of Trade union of automobile and agricultural mechanical engineering (the former branch of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions). Another - branch Sotsprofa - operates at factory only four years and actively struggles with administration and official trade union - the opponent. In struggle the newspaper " is used; Business and the leaflets extended on car factory. A management official trade union has considered itself offended Business and leaflets also has brought an action the claim to the newspaper, Sotsprofu and its two employees with the requirement of apologies and payments of 20 million roubles. From - for absences of respondents - sotsprofovtsev Kuzminsky narsud Moscow while has postponed business hearing.

According to lawyers from De Jure - To authorised representatives of heads of Avtoselhozmasha on joint-stock company the Muscovite Evgenie Gubanova and Nikolay Kaljugi, the conflict of their principals to Sotsprofom has arisen even before claim giving. The matter is that from the moment of occurrence on AZLK branches Sotsprofa (autumn of 1991) its management, by their personal recognition, has occupied beskompromisnuju a position in struggle for the rights of workers that contradicted a line of trade-union committee Avtoselhozmasha supporting constructive cooperation with administration .
Contradictions between two trade unions have become aggravated in May, 1994 when at the initiative of the chairman mestkoma Sotsprofa Michael Voroshilov and the chairman of incorporated trade-union committee Sotsprofa Svjatoslava Churikova on the main conveyor of factory one-day strike has been spent. Workers demanded indexation of the salary and payment of the compelled idle times. However the management of trade-union committee Avtoselhozmasha has not supported strike, having considered that it is necessary to direct means demanded by workers on purchase of accessories.
thereupon active workers of Sotsprofa AZLK Churikov and Voroshilov have scarified in the press conciliatory a position official trade-union committee, having accused him that he is engaged in distribution of material benefits (permits, apartments and cars), than upholding of the rights of workers more. In articles published in a tabloid Business - At the top of the voice! (April - July, 1994), sotsprofovtsy have defined the opponents of Gubanova and Kaljugu as profiudushek sausage distributors management professional servants and so forth did not give rest to members official trade-union committee And the leaflets of Sotsprofa extending at night at factory where also in harsh terms on behalf of Sotsprofa their activity was condemned.
all it has exhaust all patienced managements of Avtoselhozmasha, and in August, 1994 it has demanded from edition Affairs official apologies. Without waiting vessels, the newspaper has apologised for the authors. However sotsprofovtsy have continued struggle against trade-union committee, extending leaflets at factory. The offended management of official trade union has submitted the claim to newspaper edition, to Sotsprofu and its two employees (to Svjatoslavu Churikovu and Michael Voroshilov) with the requirement of payment of 20 million rbl. on account of a joint liability for the done moral harm.
according to lawyers - authorised representatives of Gubanova and Kaljugi it is not excluded that joint-stock company administration the Muscovite will soon submit the claim to Sotsprofu about a recognition its activity at the enterprise illegal. Under the statement of lawyers, sotsprofovtsy to law infringement ostensibly till now have not presented administration notarially certified copies of constituent documents and reports of meetings avtozavodtsev (members of Sotsprofa), its leaders confirming power.