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Requirements of Petersburg are not too great

Yesterday Petersburg has placed the 3 - summer bonds under 9,6 % annual to repayment. At a present situation in the market it is quite decent result. From initial demand in 870 million roubles it has been satisfied demands for 713 million roubles. However, the placed bonds is only 35,7 % from the declared volume of release in 2 mlrd roubles. As have explained in committee of the finance, now Petersburg does not have problem to occupy as much as possible. Means are involved according to requirements of a city and while these requirements are not too great. The declared volume of a loan should provide liquidity of release, but it at all does not mean that all it will be placed . In committee of the finance have underlined that consider the last placing quite market as the volume of not competitive demands has made only about 180 million roubles. In auction have taken part over 40 dealers of the Petersburg bonds that also testifies to preservation of interest to city loans.
at the same time to city bonds with the variable coupon and the right of a preschedule presentation to sale at investors interest is low. At yesterday`s auction by definition of the rate 4 - go the coupon of such bonds of series RU24012GSP Petersburg had to establish the rate independently in view of absence of demands from dealers. In committee of the finance consider that it is quite natural - the majority of investors already had time to use the right of their preschedule repayment and in circulation such papers almost does not remain.
Baltimore a beret quantity
Following the results of the placing which have taken place in the end of last week 3 - summer bonds of Joint-Stock Company Baltimore - Neva the rate of the first coupon is defined at level of 16 % annual that corresponds to profitableness to the annual offer in 16,98 % annual. Release took place face value. Papers have 12 quarterly coupons, rates of the second - the fourth are equal to size of the first, the others are defined by the emitter. Besides, under a loan the two-year offer and Joint-Stock Company guarantee " is provided; Baltimore Holding .
Originally investors offered profitableness in a range 15 - 17,3 % annual, thus demand slightly exceeded the offer - 608 million against 500 million roubles. As a result the average profitableness has appeared approximately in the middle, but the emitter could place semimilliard release completely. Having offered profitableness for the sake of volume of the involved means, the emitter has provided to the bonds necessary liquidity. As it is the first release Baltimore now quality of the bonds is important to show the companies.
though profitableness has appeared above bank forecasts NIKojl (Experts expected that the rate of the first coupon following the results of placing will appear in a range 15 - 15,5 %), to organizers were possible to reach the main thing - Joint-Stock Company Baltimore - Neva at once has involved those means on which counted holding Baltimore . Money from release will go on building is industrial - a warehouse complex, replenishment of circulating assets and accounts payable re-structuring.
SZT has raised controllability
Yesterday the international agency Standard and Poor`s has raised a rating of corporate governance of joint-stock company severo - Western a TV set with 5,6 to 5,9 points from 10 possible. The previous increase of a rating of management of the company has occurred in November of last year when the estimation has grown with 5 to 5,6 points. This time the rating increase has occurred for the account improvements of observance of the rights of shareholders and relations with financially - interested parties (growth with 6,3 to 6,5). Besides, analysts have noted the big financial transparency, degree of disclosing of the information and audit procedure (with 5,3 to 6,2), and also effective work of board of directors (with 5,3 to 5,5). Thus the estimation of quality of structure of the property and degree of influence of interested parties on business SZT remained (5,5) at former level.
Increase of a rating of corporate governance indirectly improves positions SZT as the emitter before placing of a bonded loan. In spite of the fact that the company already has credit rating S &P under this loan (at level ruBBB ) The corporate governance rating testifies to an openness and a transparency of management of the emitter that is important for potential holders of its bonds.
veb - invest has won Yakutia
Petersburg Veb - invest the bank will spend today for JAkutskenergo primary placing 3 - a summer loan in volume of 400 million roubles. At auction the rate of the first coupon to which the second is equal also, size 3 - go is defined and 4 - go is defined in 16 % annual, 5 - go and 6 - go - in 14 % annual. The power company far not the first emitter - the client of bank on the Yakut earth.
work with Yakutia veb - invest has begun in October of last year with placing of the first 1998 after crisis of republican release. Then the bank completely managed to place polutoragodovye bonds on 470 million roubles. Placing of the second 5 - a summer loan has passed in 800 million roubles in June, but it has appeared less successful - at auction the emitter has placed only 70 % from the declared volume. The third joint placing can already take place till the end of current year - representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Yakutia have declared readiness to enter the market with new release to 1 mlrd roubles. They explain so high requirements for extra financing by short-reception in the first half of the year about 900 million roubles of taxes that is connected with discrepancy of a settlement and actual dollar exchange rate therefore the profit of the enterprises of republic has appeared below planned.
What to do with money?
the professional
Svetlana Paljanova, the chief of analytical management AVK - securities :
- Now there is a sense to be put in the action of the second echelon. There are very interesting papers from the point of view of the potential income, for example actions of KamAZa. And I would not began to speak about concrete branches - it is necessary to search for the perspective companies simply. The general trend in the share market growing, and, most likely, it will proceed, though there is also a certain risk.
the fan
Igor Lifanov, the actor of theatre and cinema:
- At first they need to be saved. Then to buy expensive things that was not so sadly to live in this difficult world. My last toy - Lexus car.