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The ticket for $30 million

Yesterday in city committee on building vitse - the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin presented the project of reconstruction of the Petersburg five-storey apartment blocks in which realisation will be engaged Moscow investitsionno - the building company (MISK). The entrance ticket for the local market should manage to the Moscow capital in $30 million so much capital investors are ready to spend to settle and build up with new habitation pilot quarter in Kupchine. The agreement on participation of the Moscow investors in complex reconstruction of the city quarters which have been built up with five-storey apartment blocks, the Moscow and Petersburg authorities have signed in July of this year. However, in spite of the fact that controlling interest MISK belongs to the government of Moscow, the project purely commercial. Souchrediteljami MISK are large Moscow investitsionno - the building companies - in particular, Glavmosstroy and moskapstroj Inteko Krost and the SOU - 55. Besides, participation in work MISK are going to accept Moscow S. Holding, Konti and Dekra . MISK will invest new building, podrjady will receive the Petersburg building companies.
yesterday vitse - the governor of Petersburg on building Alexander Vahmistrov and head Moscow strojkompleksa vitse - the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin declared project start. To journalists have shown the fresh order of administration of Petersburg to which MISK for carrying out of prospecting works the site in Kupchine is given by the area of 95 thousand in sq. m. It is waste ground near crossing of streets Small Bucharest and Dimitrova. Here the habitation for inhabitants of 27 five-storey apartment blocks of the quarter located nearby #18 will be constructed. According to mister Resin, high-rise panel houses for tenants of this area on money of the Moscow investors will start to build in March of this year. The become empty five-storey apartment blocks will be blown up, and on their place there will be a new habitation.
Having drawn so harmonous scheme of realisation of the project, yesterday representatives MISK have flatly refused to devote journalists in a detail of the economic model. We will remind that among local builders such technique of reconstruction of old fund is considered too zatratnoj. Developers go on the Moscow way only in the event that the liberated site is located in a prestigious place where it is possible to construct expensive elite habitation which will pay back expenses for a pulling down and recycling. Fulfilling duties of general director MISK Boris Trus in conversation with the correspondent recognised what to build in Kupchine elite habitation is inexpedient. From the beginning 1990 - h years here it has been realised only two projects of the elite building one of which has appeared unsuccessful. Now the Frunze area is considered most inexpensive of sleeping and the habitation under construction here basically concerns to ekonomklassu.
However as mister Resin has noticed, in capital builders pay back expenses for moving of five-storey apartment blocks not quality, and quantity of new square metres. in Moscow we take down every year one million square metres of five-storey apartment blocks and on their place we build two million - he has informed. The mister the Coward, in turn, has not excluded that the habitation on a place of five-storey apartment blocks will be superhigh-rise, that is above the limit accepted in Petersburg in 25 floors. It is planned that within the first year of work MISK will construct in Petersburg 100 - 120 thousand in sq. m of habitation, and the next years will finish this indicator to 500 thousand in sq. m.
However, such indicators will be not so necessarily reached by them at the expense of reconstruction of five-storey apartment blocks. vitse - governor Vahmistrov has directly declared yesterday that everywhere five-storey apartment blocks will not communicate. The city prefers sanitation, that is reconstruction without moving. The German building companies with which Severo on Monday - the Western management of Gosstroy will carry on negotiations will be engaged in it. As to the Moscow capital $30 million, spent MISK on the pilot project, can quite serve it as the entrance ticket. Till now it was difficult to Moscow investors to make the way on rather competitive building market of Petersburg. Representatives MISK admitted yesterday that besides aforementioned the pilot the company considers realisation 5 more - 6 projects in Petersburg. And rather count that the ground areas will be given them on favourable terms.