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The lost the way mushroom pickers rescue by phone

Yesterday the chief of Central administrative board on affairs GO and CHS Leningrad region Sergey Shaposhnikov has spent a press - conference on which has told about results of work of its service for a summer. Besides, the main rescuer of area has complained of mushroom pickers, not able to be guided in wood. According to mister Shaposhnikova, for the summer period the indicator of fire safety on weather conditions was in norm limits . In woods there were 253 fires on a total area in 179 hectares. And, by estimations of rescuers, was almost in 10 times less, than last year when as a result of hot weather 2470 centres on the area of 12 581 hectare have been fixed this summer of ignitions. Firemen consider that indicators have improved in many respects thanking their interaction with Central administrative board of natural resources, and also Leningrad regional gidromettsentrom. Besides, for a situation assessment with fires in area the data of companions NOAA and TERRA was used. But the basic merit in decrease in number of fires nevertheless belongs to rainy weather.
as fires was a little, mushroom pickers and collectors of berries which in a mass order povadilis to be lost in woods became the main problem of regional rescuers. For August in wood has lost the way more than 70 persons, and rescuers of regional service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures had to organise 45 search operations. The most part lost managed to be found, but about two mushroom pickers till now there is no information. By the way, many poterjashek have rescued mobile phones. Employees of regional management GO and CHS advised the lost the way people by phone and on reference points deduced them from wood. But, as Sergey Shaposhnikov, " has told; the cellular telephones, which mushroom pickers take with themselves, are in the habit to fail in wood: or at them a food, or money on the account " comes to an end;. Therefore experts ask the people gathering on mushrooms, to warn about the plans of relatives, to take with themselves a compass (but at first it would be advisable to learn them to use), matches, the minimum stock of products and, the main thing not to give in to a panic. Especially dangerously, Shaposhnikov has noted, to go to wood to older persons, and also parents with children. So, in the Tikhvin area rescuers had to search two days 86 - the summer inhabitant, and in Kingiseppsky - the one-year-old child whom mother has for a short while left on a glade. As a result this clearing was searched nearby by 100 persons, and the kid managed to be found only after days.