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Chamber and arbitration have agreed about cooperation
Yesterday in Saratov trading - to industrial chamber cooperation agreement signing between chamber and regional arbitration court has taken place. The action has passed in frameworks of the cooperation agreement signed at federal level between the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and Trading - industrial chamber of the Russian Federation. The document will allow arbitration court of region and TPP to optimise work on protection of legitimate rights and interests of the enterprises, and also to develop system of arbitration trial and the international commercial arbitration.
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the City prepares for winter
Yesterday in administration of Volgograd board session on which preparation of objects of housing and communal services and social sphere for work in osenne - the winter period was discussed has taken place. Its participants have noticed that works on preparation for winter go according to the confirmed plan. According to MUP Volgogradteplo - energo for today it is ready to work of 74 % of boiler-houses and 89 % of thermal networks. Have repaired 71 % of coppers and 86 % of heat exchangers in the summer. It is handed over under passports of readiness of 78 % of apartment houses. Works on a glass cover of entrances and repair of doors and windows at entrances are conducted. In particular, 4276 sq. m are glazed, repaired more than 3 800 door blocks and about 4 thousand in sq. m of window apertures.
under special control there is a preparation for winter educational and city medical institutions. To the beginning of September from 452 establishments of formation are ready 347, in 24 repair of roofs, in 15 - heating systems proceeds. As to hospitals for today from 102 establishments 93 are almost ready to the cold season beginning, in the others works proceed.
the Press - service of administration of Volgograd

the Food additive will package on - new
In Open Company Balakovsky mineral fertilizers on a site on release of fodder phosphates installation is started in operation new melkofasovochnaja.
till today fodder monokaltsijfosfat (a valuable food additive for cattle and a bird) it was delivered on home market only in the big containers by capacity to 750 kg. The new packing line productivity 20 t at an o`clock will allow to pack up monokaltsijfosfat in bags on 50 kg (if necessary - on 25 kg). About one year at the enterprise the similar domestic installation calculated on large packing works. For 8 months 2003 on Balakovsky mineral fertilizers it has been made 25,282 t fodder monokaltsijfosfata. An order of 60 % of this volume it is shipped on home market.
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TV men were left nearly without technics
In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Volgograd by unknown persons have tried to plunder office of local municipal television (MTV). As malefactors have informed in the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, at night, having deceived and having beaten the woman - watchmen, have got into premise MTV. Therefrom they have stolen the computer, the printer, the TV, the videorecorder and other office equipment. However to disappear with stolen to robbers it was not possible, they have been detained. Now the consequence establishes degree of participation of each of five arrested persons in armed assault. The version about their participation in a robbery last week newspaper editions " is simultaneously checked; the Volga truth . Then it has been stolen property more than on 100 thousand rbl.