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In the Shelter it became close

Yesterday at theatre the Shelter of the comedian has passed a press - the conference devoted to opening 17 - go a season. To the gathered journalists as it is found on similar actions, first of all have told about repertuarnyh theatre plans. In a new season four prime ministers are promised to spectators. The greatest interest causes Princess Turandot directed by Andrey Moguchego. The mister Mighty on a press - conferences was present also a reality of an extravagant plan has confirmed. Skilled director George Vasilev will put performance China on our party the beginning Alexander Savchuk - Chairs and art director Victor Minkov who first has come in the Shelter more likely as the manager, will let out Aunt Charleja .
Besides creative ambitions this year at the Shelter there is a desire to expand a living space. Mister Minkov has literally pledged to journalists a word: To go after September, 21st to the new governor and to ask one more scene for the theatre. In repertoire now about 20 names, and them it is quite possible prokatyvat on two platforms. Mister Minkov even says that wants to finish the Shelter to a condition Komissarzhevki Comedy theatre and Lensoveta. Capacity and hall possibilities Means. Actually, this desire to extend and eat declared in the program a press - conferences result and the analysis of three-year experiment of new model of theatre in the Russian Federation: the State drama theatre first in the Russian Federation without constant troupe . We will remind, the Shelter of the comedian last three seasons stayed on special position - the state enterprise (the city pays the building maintenance, work of technicians and statement of one performance in a year). Here journalists even have got agitated: And whence then money for other performances? Mister Minkov it is proud parried that it in free from a management of theatre time removes commercials and videoclips. And the money earned thus puts in development the Shelter of the comedian . The matter is that this experiment - a child of mister Minkova, and it is quite happy with it - directors with it do not refuse to work, actors come in the Shelter with pleasure. Tickets all are sold, the hall never is empty.
here it would be desirable to add a tar spoon, in repertoire the Shelter there are good performances, for example, put here Veniamin Filshtinsky Hamlet but here, perhaps, all - taki is more than rather average works. However, the similar situation is observed and in the majority of usual theatres.