Rus News Journal


Vladimir Lisin,

the chairman of board of directors of New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complex (NLMK), will visit the Volga trumpet factory (enters into the Trumpet metallurgical company) and Volga podshipnikovyj factory (enters in European podshipnikovuju corporation) and will discuss deliveries of accessories from these enterprises for is repair - operational service NLMK.

Lev Hasis and Andrey Rybakov,
the chairman of board of directors and the assistant to the general director on development TD the Crossroads will take part in a press - the conference devoted to opening in Samara of the first hypermarket the Crossroads and to the beginning of work of this retail network in the Volga region.

Nikolay Koshman and Boris Govorin,
the head of Gosstroy and the governor of the Irkutsk region, will take part in the All-Russia conference in Angarsk (Irkutsk region) concerning management of multiroom apartment houses.

Serafim of Caps,
the president of the Union of metallurgists of Russia, will take part in meeting of council of manufacturers and exporters of ferrous metals of the CIS countries which will pass in Volgograd at metal works Red October . In discussion of the main theme of meeting, a conjuncture of a foreign market of ferrous metals, representatives " will take part; a Mechel Izhstali Krivorozhstali and other enterprises.

Alexander Nozdrachev,
the general director of the Russian agency on conventional armaments (RAV), will spend exit board RAV on federal state enterprise Production association ` Barricades ` (Volgograd), devoted to structural reforming VPK. It is expected also that members of board RAV will discuss possible privatisation ON Barricades .

Yury Shafranik,
the chairman of the council of the Union neftegazopromyshlennikov Russia, the chairman of committee on power strategy and development toplivno - a power complex Trading - industrial chamber, will spend a press - conference on a theme: Oil and gas sector of Russia - external and internal calls .