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The world is invited on September, 4th

by the International trading exhibition of advertising technologies and outdoor advertising VisCom ` 2003 in Dusseldorf (Germany). Till September, 6th. It is devoted various branches of the polygraphic industry and a print advertising. Are presented outdoor advertising (neon and light, advertising screens), the digital press, a graphic and textile screen - printing, an engraving, and also the equipment for manufacture of advertising production, program and technical computer maintenance, accessories and technologies.
the International film festival in Toronto (Canada). Till September, 13th. It is based in 1979. In the program about 300 films of directors from Canada and other countries of the world, including documentary and short cinema, presentations.
an exhibition of ceramics, glass, decorative products and subjects of art Ceranor ` 2003 in Port (Portugal). Till July, 7th. Ceramic decorative products, crystal and decorative glasswares, table layout subjects, wattled, wooden products, silver.
beer festival in Ulverstone (England). Till September, 6th. At festival local beer Jennings will be presented about 70 grades of beer from 50 breweries, including. Besides, here it is possible to try apple and pear sidr and to listen to performances of local musical groups.
a building and modernisation Building exhibition and Modernizing ` 2003 in Zurich (Switzerland). Till September, 8th. The Swiss branch fair annually involves builders, the architects operating, tenants and all who is connected with building.