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Gerhard Schroder
the federal chancellor of Germany
Hopes of Turkey of the introduction into the European Union cannot be deceived. Membership of Turkey in EU is included into a circle of national interests of Germany, it corresponds to the general line of foreign policy of our country within last forty years, and also to the politician of EU .
With such words the federal chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroder after negotiations from premieres - the minister of Turkey has acted as Redzhepom Tajipom Erdoganom. The meeting of two leaders has been devoted germano - to Turkish relations, the future membership of Turkey in EU, and also world policy problems. The question on the introduction of Turkey in the European Union will be definitively considered during a meeting of heads of EU member states in 2004. One of the basic political criteria for the introduction into EU is observance of the all-European norms in the field of human rights, and also lawful state construction. Mister Schroder has highly appreciated the reforms spent by Turkey in this sphere recently. these reforms will facilitate the introduction of Turkey into EU - he has told. the negative relation to membership of Turkey in EU of opposition parties not that other, as cheap polemic within the limits of election campaign which harms germano - to Turkish relations - mister Schroder has declared. In the answer mister Erdogan has thanked the German colleague for support. Concerning Iraq both leaders have supported more active participation of the United Nations in construction of peace life in this country.