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the USA against the European staff

Yesterday the official representative of the American State department Richard Baucher has declared that the USA do not agree with the offer of some the European countries about creation of an independent staff for planning and carrying out of operations by European Union armed forces. Mister Baucher has commented on words of the prime minister of Belgium Gi Verhofstadta which have declared on Tuesday that creation in 2004 of the European independent staff which will settle down near Bruxelles, does not cause the slightest doubt . The idea of creation of a staff which would allow armed forces of the EU countries to perform independent operations, has been put forward in the spring by Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. This offer has caused objections not only Washington, but also London.

Russia and Georgia have dispersed in terms
Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia by Irakly Menagarishvili has declared yesterday that on passing now in Tbilisi Georgian - the Russian consultations of experts on a conclusion from Georgia the Russian military bases the parties yet did not manage to agree. According to the minister, the coordination of terms of a conclusion of bases probably only at mutual compromises. Mister Menagarishvili has promised: the Georgian party can flexibly approach to a question on terms, and it is not obligatory, what this term should be defined by all means in three years, however there should be a logic why for a base conclusion it is necessary three and a half or four years? the minister considers that when the Russian side defines terms of a conclusion of the two bases from Georgia in 11 years is an unreasonable position and absence of desire to find the mutually acceptable decision . Experts managed to achieve progress only on liquidation terms in a place of Sagaredzho of a warehouse of engineering ammunition, head has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
on materials ITAR - TASS and Interfax

Libya closes embassy in Lebanon
Yesterday Libya declared embassy closing in Lebanon. Indignation of Tripoli in connection with incessant criticism from Beirut to Libya became the reason of this step. In Shiit circles of Lebanon consider that the Libyan leader Muamar Kaddafi bears responsibility for complete disappearance of the imam of Shiits and the movement founder Amal Musy Sadra in 1978. Sadr was at that time on a visit in Dzhamahirii then was missing.
Tripoli repeatedly declared that the imam has disappeared already after has left Libya, having gone to Italy. Rome, in turn, does not recognise the fact of entrance of Sadra to Italy. Article published in the Lebanese newspaper " became last drop which has caused sharp reaction of Libya; An - Nahar . In it sharp attacks to Muamara Kaddafi contain.