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The Ukrainian metallurgists have climbed through in a pipe

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Yesterday the point in negotiations on a question of increase in quotas on delivery to Russia the Ukrainian pipes in diameter of 1420 mm has been put. As it became known, Ministry of economic development and trade, Minpromnauki of Russia and representatives of the Russian manufacturers have co-ordinated increase in quotas this year on 120 thousand t. As indemnification representatives Gazprom in informal negotiations with Russian trubnikami promise to buy from them this year in addition 80 thousand t pipes of such diameter.
in 2002 Gazprom has bought 242,6 thousand t pipes of diameter of 1420 mm which are used at building of the main pipelines. 65 thousand t it has been put to Russia by Hartsyzsky trumpet factory (HTZ, Ukraine), and other volume has been bought in the far abroad countries (see the diagramme). For first seven months of this year Gazprom has bought at HTZ over 135 thousand t such pipes, thereby having taken up its annual quota. In Russia pipes of such diameter are made by Only Volga trumpet factory (is a part of the Trumpet metallurgical company, TMK), their price makes about $700 for ton. In 2002 the enterprise has shipped to Gazprom 4 thousand t pipes, and in it is about 40 thousand t.
In July Gazprom has addressed in Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia with the letter in which suggested to consider the problem on increase in quotas at delivery of production HTZ in 2003 on 120 thousand t (has informed on it on July, 23rd). In the letter it was said that the increased requirement for pipes of the concern conducting building of the main gas pipelines of Repairing - Rich and SRTO - Torzhok, cannot be covered at the expense of production of the Russian manufacturers. Russian trubniki on increase in a quota at pipes in diameter of 1420 mm, but only in frameworks obshcheukrainskoj a trumpet quota in 625 thousand basically have agreed t - that is at the expense of reduction of quotas by pipes of other diameter. The delegation of Ministry of Economics of Ukraine which in August came on negotiations from Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia has disagreed with such redistribution.
yesterday it became known that Ukrainian and Russian trubniki (actually this problem concerns only TMK) nevertheless have found the compromise and yesterday it has been confirmed at a meeting with representatives of Minpromnauki and Ministry of economic development and trade. As the head of department of an industrial and investment policy in metallurgy Minpromnauki Andrey Dejneko, " has declared; after all consultations when it was found out that it will not mention interests of national manufacturers, has been decided to agree with the offer of Ukrainians and to make good will gesture . This gesture means that HTZ can in August - December, 2003 to import into Russia 120 thousand more t pipes of diameter of 1420 mm (by data, approximately on $85 million). According to chairman of board of directors Leman Pipe (affiliated company Leman Commodities supervising HTZ) Alexander Karmanova, such increase it is natural as last year HTZ has chosen only half of quota. the fact of that have agreed with us Russian trubniki, shows that we will not put any damage to them - he has declared. Russian trubniki on the arrangement fact make comments carefully and mention about it tactical character .
As has explained a press - secretary TMK Dmitry Zheglov, the positive moment is intention Gazprom this year to get 80 thousand more t pipes of diameter of 1420 mm in home market. Head Gazkomplektimpeksa (structures Gazprom engaged in purchases) Valery Golubev did not begin to make comments on revision of quotas.
we Will notice that, despite yesterday`s arrangements, at Russian and Ukrainian trubnikov there is a different position concerning strategy of purchases of pipes Gazprom . TMK insists on transition of gas corporation to the Russian pipes and reduction of purchases abroad, and Ukrainians suggest to cancel in general quotas on pipes in diameter of 1420 mm.
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