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Bislan Gantamirov became the unemployed

the Ministry of Press of the Chechen Republic
elections in the Chechen Republic

Is liquidated As well as assumed, the Minister of Press of the Chechen Republic Bislan Gantamirov, refused to support on elections the operating head of republic Ahmata Kadyrova, has lost the post. According to the decree which was signed yesterday fulfilling duties of the president by Anatoly Popov, minpechati unites with the ministry of affairs of nationalities and external relations. The integrated department was headed by the former head minnatsa Taus Dzhabrailov who also supervises over a pre-election staff of mister Kadyrov.
on the future resignation of the head minpechati Bislan Gantamirov has informed still on August, 22nd. On the eve of the editor of public funds of the mass information of republic have accepted the reference in which it was said that to them it became known about decree preparation about discharge from a post of the Minister of Press and Bislan Gantamirov`s information . To dismiss head minpechati, according to editors, should for its statement for support on presidential election of not operating head of republic, and the Moscow businessman Hussein Dzhabrailov (mister Gantamirov has made such statement on August, 13th in Moscow). Heads of the Chechen mass-media threatened to sabotage elections in case of signing of such decree. The information on the future resignation was confirmed also with mister Gantamirov: My resignation is a question which is discussed in official circles .
However the chairman of the government of the Chechen Republic Anatoly Popov in interview (it has been published on August, 27th) has declared that nobody is going to dismiss head minpechati: Never I, even in the project, the similar decree did not see . As the prime minister of the correspondent, " has assured; such question was not discussed at all . However supporters of the disgraced minister continued to assert that the decree project has been prepared. After mister Kadyrov was registered by the candidate for presidents of republic and has gone on leave, appear, that threat of dismissal of the head minpechati passed: at remained to fulfil duties of the head of republic of mister Popova with Bislan Gantamirov always there were good relations and to incur responsibility for dismissal of head minpechati it obviously did not want.
nevertheless mister Popovu had to send in resignation head minpechati. It has made it under a specious excuse: itself minpechati it has been liquidated and merged with the ministry of affairs of nationalities and external relations. The new ministry of affairs of nationalities, external relations and to the information was headed any more by mister Gantamirov, and the former head minnatsa Taus Dzhabrailov who also heads a pre-election staff of mister Kadyrov.
As mister Dzhabrailov has declared yesterday, such reorganisation has been conceived for a long time and not connected in any way with mutual relations of the head of republic and the former head minpechati: Instead of two bulky departments, whose functions were in many respects crossed, we have created one compact and effective structure. It has allowed to reduce officialdom. By the way, in the next Dagestan there is a same ministry. So new we have not invented anything .
However in an environment already eks - on the Minister of Press (mister Gantamirov has refused interview) an event make comments absolutely differently. there Was that we and expected, - has declared yesterday the former deputy minister of the press of Liza Tokasheva. - Our head have dismissed for nelojalnost, that he has dared publicly to express the opinion. Gantamirov was the guarantor of that republican mass-media will objectively shine election campaign and will not serve one candidate - the operating head of republic. Now such guarantee is not present . Madam Tokasheva does not consider an official explanation of an event as the serious: Why it was necessary to do this reorganisation before elections? The nonsense is all. Kadyrov needed to subordinate republican mass-media - in it all reason .
it is obvious that to dare at reorganisation of the ministries with the subsequent dismissal of such influential figure as mister Gantamirov, Anatoly Popov even under the pressure of Ahmata Kadyrov without the sanction of the Kremlin simply not could. And it means that positions of the present head of republic in Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation are rather strong. Probably, comprehension of this fact also has forced to descend from Hussein Dzhabrailov`s pre-election distance which was considered as the serious contender of the operating head of republic.