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Visit of head AvtoVaZbanka to Orenburg

AvtoVAZbanku becomes close in the Volga region

last week informed on a trip of president AvtoVaZbanka Peter Nahmanovicha to the Orenburg region where its meetings with heads of administration of the largest regional centres, and also with heads of the industrial enterprises - joint-stock company " have taken place; Orenburgneft joint-stock company the Radiator joint-stock company the Inverter and joint-stock company Ural Mountains - Energo . On spent to Orenburg a press - conferences g - n Nahmanovich has told about bank strategy in Southern Ural Mountains.

In November, 1994 the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin has signed the decree About creation financially - industrial group with participation of joint-stock companies ` Autovases ` and ` KamAZ ` . Structure FPG included some commercial banks led by AvtoVAZbankom. According to heads of bank, the organisation of movement of financial streams within the limits of group is one of strategic directions of its work in 1995. Acting in Orenburg, president AvtoVaZbanka Peter Nahmanovich has underlined: Without FPG now simply not to survive . On the other hand, oncoming traffic is observed: the largest enterprises were initiators of cooperation with the bank representing FPG.
Last visits g - on Nahmanovicha to Novosibirsk and Orenburg make it clear that interests of new group Volzhsko - Kamsky region fall outside the limits. At least, the group intends to incorporate useful for it the enterprise in various cities of the country. So, Peter Nahmanovich has declared that discussion of questions on inclusion in group of new partners was one of the purposes of its visit to Orenburg. In particular, within the limits of recently accepted program the Harmony - conversion It is supposed to provide with orders those avtomobilestroitelnye the enterprises of Orenburzhye which are already included or can be included in technological chains of VAZ and KamAZa.
However, it is a question not only about avtomobilestroitelnyh, but also of other machine-building enterprises experiencing today difficulties from - for nezagruzki capacities or in general standing idle without the state order. There are also other projects connected, for example, with extraction and processing of minerals, including, gold, platinum and copper.
the bank counts to adhere new partners to group, having included them in number of the clients. For this purpose the number of branches of bank in area will be increased from one to three.
it is necessary to notice that the enterprises of the Orenburg region draw today attention and the Moscow big banks. The branches in Orenburg have already opened such banks, as Mosbusinessbank and Aeroflot . Thus, in Southern Ural Mountains there can be a situation when in struggle for the local market capital banks will be resisted by large not Moscow bank.