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Unusual competition in Germany

the nasty recognises a word peanuts

According to newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in Frankfurt are summed up competition on the nastiest word or the expression used in a public statement by politicians and large businessmen of Germany in 1994.

the Winner of competition, in which jury six eminent linguists, political scientists and representatives state mass media enter, the head of the second-large bank of Germany Deutsche Bank of Hilmar Copper has been recognised. This usually very reserved and cool banker was so is annoyed by furious attacks of the public to its bank and to it personally after scandalous bankruptcy and flight of the wholesale merchant by Jurgena Schneider`s real estate (about which business repeatedly wrote) that has blurted out: consequences of this incident for small firms of Germany - it is simple peanuts . The English word peanuts means (nutlets) on slenge trifles or nonsense .
the Jury has noticed in the verdict that a verbal mistake Copper it is inexcusable not only from - that DM50 million (so the damage of small firms was estimated) - the huge sum for the small enterprises, Schneider`s flight has put many of which on a bankruptcy side. This expression testifies about basic inhumanity and improbable cynicism not only Copper, but also in general all large bankers resorting to similar expressions, that to humiliate small and private clients .
Copper has not rescued even that in April, 1994 he already publicly was sorry about all small investors and physical persons to whom Schneider`s flight, for tactless expression has caused a damage.
all on already traditional competition Foul language of year 1708 demands have been sent. Good chances to head the list skvernoslovov long were kept by chancellor Helmut Kohl - his name was mentioned in accusatory letters more often. To it could not forgive that during pre-election struggle of last year he has characterised members east - the German party PDS (the successor former communistic SEPG) fascists under red varnishing . However the jury has excluded a nominee of the chancellor - skvernoslova as in the autumn of last year PDS began to agitate the supporters to send as much as possible letters with demands on this expression.