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The Supreme court has allowed to get the treasury

Yesterday the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation on which district of the Voronezh region Boguchar became a unique city in the region, acquired the right to form own budget has come into force. It is the sixth similar case in judiciary practice in the Russian Federation, when municipal union otsuzhivaet the right to formation of the treasury. At the nearest session of a regional thought deputies will be compelled to reconsider the regional law About the budget for 2003 and to allocate in it the city of Boguchar in the separate line for reception of the grant from the regional budget. Mayor Boguchara Ivan Nezhelsky counts that the city treasury will receive third of the budget of Bogucharsky area - more than 20 million roubles. The conflict between mayor Boguchara Ivan Nezhelsky and the head of Bogucharsky area Anatoly Guzevym has begun in December, 2000. Then the mister Nezhelsky has been in public selected on a post of the mayor of district, and mister Guzeva was appointed the head of area by the Voronezh governor Vladimir Kulakov. At that time city debts kommunalshchikam, energetikam and to other municipal services made about 10 million roubles. Own budget at Boguchara was not - the city was structural division of area. But, under the statement of the mayor Nezhelsky, from regional treasury to a city it was allocated nothing. Therefore to pay off debts of Boguchara kommunalshchikam the mayor could not.
in 2001 municipal enterprise Boguchara Gorset has submitted the claim to the mayoralty on debts collecting to 1,2 million roubles. The court has passed the decision in advantage Gorseti and court enforcement officers have arrested all accounts of the mayoralty. According to mayor Boguchara Ivan Nezhelsky, he has asked the head of area Anatoly Guzeva to help to pay off with debts. I resulted arguments that in Boguchare lives third of population of area, and all taxes from the city enterprises - about 50 million roubles - leave in the regional budget - Ivan Nezhelsky has told yesterday to the correspondent . But the head of area of money has not allocated, then mayoralty Boguchara has addressed in regional court with the requirement to seize the city right to have own budget. On June, 4th the Voronezh regional court has passed the decision in favour of mayoralty Boguchara. The regional authorities have tried to protest this decision in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. On August, 24th the Supreme court also has passed the decision on this business which has left definition of regional court without changes. Yesterday this decision has entered validity.
mayor Boguchara Ivan Nezhelsky has told to the correspondent that now deputies of the Voronezh regional thought are obliged to reconsider the law on the regional budget in which henceforth the city of Boguchar should receive grants from area directly, passing the regional budget. The mayor Nezhelsky hopes that own budget of Boguchara will make more than 20 million roubles.
the head of Bogucharsky area Anatoly Guzev has in turn declared that if own budget of Boguchara will be formed of means regional deputies of regional Duma should assign a part of functions on financing of state employees to a city as in the regional budget of spare cash is not present. From 105 million roubles of 93 million go on salary payment, 8 million - on housing and communal services though it is necessary to 22 million, 3 million - on medicines and a food of schoolboys, it is necessary to 20 million - the head of area has explained.