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Marat Basharov polovit a wind in the Bashkir field

In Ufa has entered finishing stage casting to a comedy the Hunter of a wind - to the biggest project of studio Bashkortostan . Besides the record budget for a republican cinema in $500 thousand film is remarkable that one of key roles in it is offered the Moscow movie star Maratu Basharovu. In Soviet period Ufa in any way was not considered as cinema capital. Position has sharply changed on a boundary of millenia, when studio Bashkortostan has managed to remove two full-length feature films in the Bashkir language: the Rainbow over village and the Seventh summer Sjumbel . And if the first was not too difficult and expensive melodrama in the production plan the second has appeared much more zatratnoj a historical drama. And the main thing to finish it it was possible in the shortest terms (we will remind that in the next Tatarstan an epopee with shooting of a historical colossus Warm winds of ancient Bulgar and it has not turned out to finish to distinct end, despite ten years` shootings and huge investments). The Bashkir authorities financing the project, have appeared are terribly happy with a child of director Bulata Jusupova and have disposed to prepare and the Russian-speaking version of a film. Mister Jusupov immediately undertook scale screen version to lead the live classic of the Bashkir literature of Mustaja Karima Long - the long childhood . And the director of a film studio of Rais Ismagilov has promised to public every year to invite her to new films.
It seems that he meant not only own production of the state studio. Last year mister Ismagilov and Victor Alisov (has received wide popularity thanks to a cycle DMB ) Have acted as producers of a comedy Day of a hamster . Well-known Ufa klipmejker Vitaly Muhamedzjanov has finished a free remake well-known the Groundhog Day (the scenario Novosibirsk kaveenshchikov, in leading roles - skeleton of a Tomsk command of KVN Children of lieutenant Schmidt and also Victor Proskurin) even in the last autumn, however the big premiere will take place at the best in January of next year. But, seemingly, to a management Bashkortostan the comedy genre has all the same seemed more attractively a biopic: not widely advertised film about the childhood and adolescence of singer Zemfiry Ramazanovoj, and quite traditional comedy about adventures rural babaja in a big city became the following project of studio.
the scenario the Hunter of a wind ( Useless ) The editor-in-chief of studio " has written; Bashkortostan Aydar Akmanov, the director became Ajsyuak Jumagulov (both graduates VGIKa). Briefly authors describe a plot so: the Cheerful, strong grandfather searches for the grandson of the dying neigbour in Ufa. In Ufa babaj there was no half a century, and about the grandson knows only that that banker. But neither it, nor numerous difficulties and misunderstanding of the persistent old man to stop not in a condition . The comedy in Ufa and village Juldash of Zianchurinsky area will act in film.
the casting has appeared at once the big problem: it was found out that ufimtsy hesitate to participate in mass meeting, and actors of theatres of a city do not approach under the image thought up by authors. As a result a leading role will give, most likely, to the actor of Sibajsky drama theatre Hamze Kursaevu. And the guy whom he searches, the actor known all Russia should play. It is a position of principle of authors of the project. In spite of the fact that the film becomes on a local material, it should leave in the Russian hire. Otherwise there is no sense to spend money. Means, it is necessary to hold highly a creative lath - mister Akmanov has explained. As he said, the role of the banker has been offered Konstantin Habensky and Maratu Basharovu. However, the group was declined at once to the second variant - probably, not in the last instance owing to the Tatar origin of mister Basharova which will allow it to represent the native of the Bashkir village without problems.
it is not known yet, whether has given Marat Basharov which have attentively studied the scenario, consent to act in film. Anyway, scenes with the Muscovite (pitertsem) will act in film in the deadlines: Aydar Akmanov acting and in a role of the executive producer of a picture, assumes to lay the Ufa session of the invited star in one week.
the possible sizes of the fee of mister Basharova representatives Bashkortostan Do not name, it is mild expressing hope that will manage to pull the requested sum. The film budget makes 15 million rbl. It is supposed that this money will be found by the federal budget: the commission of experts on game cinema of department of the state support of cinematography recommended the Hunter of a wind for inclusion in the plan of measures on 2003 - 2004 under the subroutine Cinematography of Russia . The Russian premiere of the film is planned for autumn of next year.