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The magnificent seven and the goalkeeper

the Russian hockey championship beginning on September, 10th, became for a long time the second for force after championship NHL. However, many of players acting in it would be stars and in America. Correspondents tell about the brightest hockey players of the Superleague - Sports Alexey Zhuk and Alexey Dospehov.

Oleg Tverdovsky: most expensive
27 years. avant-guard (Omsk). The defender. The owner of the Cup Stanley of 2003, the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games of 2002
Eks - enhaelovets can play this year somehow. It can not throw improbable quantity of washers, not establish a record on goal passes. Interest to its person will be all the same constant. Simply because eks - defender New Jersey Devils which has won three months ago main trophy NHL, Stanley`s Cup, - the most highly paid hockey player in the Russian championship.
Oleg Tverdovsky has signed the contract with Omsk Avant-guard in the middle of August. A week later after has personally shown the most honourable trophy NHL to the Russian capital. It has gone with it and to sports palace Krylja Sovetov which distances to it the permit for ocean, and in gym Gold ` s Gym where he is engaged in inter-season period, and in children`s hockey school Orehova - Borisov, and in hotel Space ...
I had some rather tempting offers from clubs NHL, - admitted Tverdovsky. - But for a variety of causes I last week have decided to refuse them and to remain in Russia. Which? Them at once a little. To list, and furthermore to place on a formation it would not be desirable. I will tell only that the finance was not the main thing (though the conditions offered ` by Avant-guard `, completely suit me). And not lock-out possibility too - it can be and is not declared or declared on two weeks. I will underline also that if I will return in NHL, not earlier than in two years. I will win back two coming seasons in ` Avant-guard ` precisely. These are conditions of my new contract .
the President Avant-guard Anatoly Bardin has declared that Oleg Tverdovsky not the most highly paid player of its club. Oleg will receive no more leading Russian players of a superleague - he has underlined. However very few people doubts that the president Avant-guard dissembles. By data, Tverdovsky will receive pure for two nearest seasons, spent in Omsk, $2,5 million And, if hawks will win a champion title, it bonus will make in that season in which this significant event will occur, $500 thousand

Alexander Ovechkin: the most talented
17 years. a dynamo (Moscow). Attacking. The winner of the youth World championship of 2003
Dinamovets not only one of the main applicants for the first number of draught NHL of 2004, but also the most young hockey player caused in Russian national team for all its history. He has put on a sweater with a two-headed eagle breasts in 17 - summer age - at the first stage of Euroround in Czechia. In the history of domestic hockey only one hockey player in 17 years has received to be caused in the main national team of the country. He is legendary Vladislav Tretjak.
I always entered into Russian national team of young players, - the head coach of the Russian national team Victor Tikhonov has told. - even then when to me spoke: ` From this guy it will turn out nothing `. But here absolutely other case. I watch Ovechkinym two years. The guy is extremely presented. First of all physically. And, unlike other young talents, it is the command player. Besides, it on character - malicious. It will fight even then when at its command of chances of a victory is not present. If not now in the future it leaves very strong attacking . It would be desirable to notice: Tikhonov seldom praises the wards, and excellent epithets in their address - absolutely a curiosity.
Ovechkin has played in Czechia at the tenth number which in a national team of the USSR belonged to another dinamovtsu - to Alexander Maltsev. great Maltsev`s successor - so the Russian journalists call dinamovskogo the child prodigy. The Canadian fans of hockey have given it other nickname - the platinum child prodigy . It behind ocean already has many admirers.

Dmitry Hristich: the most American
34 years. the metallurgist (Magnitogorsk). Attacking. The finalist of draw of the Cup Stanley of 1998
Many Russian fans are assured: the pupil Kiev the Falcon became a prototype of Russian legionary Pittsburgh Penguins for which Daniel Bagrov in a film " revenged; the Brother - 2 . But Dmitry Hristich never was a penguin and never, as he said, had problems neither with any mafias - nor with Russian, neither with Ukrainian, nor with American. It in general almost suited at once the transatlantic life: having married the American, he the first of the Soviet legionaries has obtained the American citizenship.
its rich transatlantic career - if to consider level of its talent - too developed smoothly enough: in all commands where he played, it appreciated selflessness, ability to play in interests of a command and modesty. And in one of the clubs it has not been deprived by game time. In the Russian superleague there is no now a player who has played so much in NHL, as Dmitry Hristich.
the Ukrainian in 21 - summer age Debuted behind ocean. It has begun with farm - club Washington Capitals. But, having played there three matches, has been caused in the basic command. After that in a capital American team of Hristich has spent five seasons. Then there were exchanges in Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, returning in Washington, again Toronto and again Washington... In total in NHL Dmitry Hristich has spent 11 seasons.
for the Metallurgist in last season of Hristich has spent 34 matches in which has thrown 10 washers and has made 11 goal passes. Besides, throughout last three years it the leader of modular Ukraine in the World championships and the Olympic tournaments.

Peter Skudra: the most impenetrable
30 years. Ak a leopard (Kazan). The goalkeeper
the Trainers supervising last years the Russian national team, often complained of one problem: the limited choice of goalkeepers. A strange problem if to remember the Soviet years - Nikolay Puchkova, Victor Konovalenko, Vladislav Tretjaka... But, really, so it turns out that last years on the leading parts in a superleague - goalkeepers - the legionaries who are forcing out from structure of representatives domestic vratarskoj schools.
In collars Ak a leopard till this year there were Russians - Andrey Tsarev and Dmitry Jachanov. Both, by the way, were involved in a national team. But also citizens of Kazan have gone on the checked up way in this summer, having signed the contract with Latvian Peterom Skudroj. And a competition at local he has won surprisingly easily, at once becoming number one. It is indicative that the first defeat in inter-season period (after one and a half tens won control matches) Ak a leopard has suffered on tournament in Slovakia where has gone without Skudry which have left on private affairs.
For the Kazan fans reliability of the beginner became a pleasant surprise. For those not so numerous fans who watched closely his career, a surprise it could not be. In 1997, without being zadraftovannym any club, Peter Skudra has left Latvia to search happiness for ocean. Through the lowest leagues the brave hockey player has made the way - taki in NHL where has played for Boston, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Buffalo. The superstar it in America did not become, but has deserved reputation of the goalkeeper which practically never brings. Why from NHL he has decided to get over in Ak a leopard ? Skudra answers this question simply: Has wanted to act in a command which applies for a victory. Behind ocean in such it was not possible to get . Well, similar, in the name of the Latvian citizens of Kazan have made not less a valuable acquisition, than, say, in the name of trainer Vladimir Vujteka before whom, we will remind, it is necessary - to make one problem from Ak a leopard the best team of Russia.

Andrey Razin: the most artful
29 years. CSKA. Attacking. The champion of Russia 1994 and 1999, the owner of Cup MHL of 1996, the winner of Euroleague 1999 and 2000
Today seems strange that Andrey Razin some times quite could remain out of the big hockey. In 1994 him, as a matter of fact, have expelled from Tolyatti Frets - it is good that the trainer Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist Valery Postnikov has believed in tsentrforvarda. In 1996 it became not so necessary also to Postnikovu. During that moment Razin was already... The seventh centre forward the Metallurgist also did not get even to a stock. It is good that during this moment the Ural club was headed by Valery Belousov who has understood that Razin actually is worthy to be not the seventh, but the first.
at Belousove its unique gift raspasovshchika has revealed. At Belousove it became an idol of the fans admiring ability of Razin to give a goal pass without looking, standing a back to the partner. It is not known, could without it the Metallurgist to gain two victories in Euroleague on an outcome of the last century...
in a dynamo where Andrey Razin has passed in a year before last, at it has developed not so successfully, as in Ural Mountains. It was not entered in fast game of Muscovites. Moreover traumas disturbed: from - for one it and could not play in the championship of 2002 where the Russian national team has conceded in the ending one washer to Slovaks. As a part of a national team of the sample of 2003 to Razin places were not - she too staked on high-speed and power hockey.
but now the chance to return to it at the most artful tsentrforvarda our championship is extremely high. Knowingly, eventually, Victor Tikhonov, again appeared the instructor of a national team, took it in the CSKA where fast children suffice, - but till now did not suffice such umeltsa to remunerate jerk of the partner by ideal transfer, as Razin. And one of Tikhonov`s assistants in a present national team is, by the way, Belousov.

Alexander Yudin: the most fighting
32 years. SKA (St.-Petersburg). The defender. The silver prize-winner of the World championship of 2002
News that after almost ten years` break to them Alexander Yudin has returned, Petersburg hockey fans have apprehended with enthusiasm. now of all of us will be precisely afraid - such is a leitmotif of their statements. And truth, with players SKA in this season precisely will want to enter to nobody fight: they will be there and then punished.
at Alexander Yudin loving at a leisure to play in chess, the rare in our hockey a trade - the policeman . In its Soviet years, at the first opportunity throwing off on ice of a glove and turning to the boxer on the fads, hardly probable would began to hold though one command. In NHL fighters are in each club. And sometimes they are not less popular, than leaders. Yudin, whose growth of 190 sm, and weight of 100 kg, by the way, in 90 - e went on tour to the lowest American leagues where has beaten many strong children. In Russia it simply does not have the equal. And fans have already got used, going on a match with Yudin`s participation, to wait for the next small show. It is a pity only that opponents worthy at the pupil of Murmansk hockey, as a matter of fact, are not present.
is more true, was - last year. Fight between Yudin and Irzhi Shlegrom, the best Czech fighter, was waited not less, than by oppositions in a semi-final play - off Severstal for which ours the policeman last year acted, and Avant-guard . season Fight has taken place in the third period of the fifth match of a series. Who has won it, argue till now: Yudin has put more blows - Shlegr but has filled up the Russian on ice. But that is characteristic, soon after fight omichi have passed solving goal. Means, advantage to the club has brought all - taki Alexander Yudin.

Andrey Kovalenko: the most reliable
33 years. the locomotive (Yaroslavl). Attacking. The champion of the USSR of 1989, the champion of Russia 2001 and 2002, the Olympic champion of 1992, the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games of 1998
When two years ago Andrey Kovalenko has signed the contract with Yaroslavl the Locomotive many were surprised: well what for to it was to come back to Russia? In NHL where it has left ten years ago, Kovalenko appreciated. Where he played - in Edmonton, Quebec, Montreal, Carolina, - the Russian forward was irreplaceable. the Russian tank as it have nicknamed in America, did not pull a blanket on itself, did not incur a role of the tonic in a command, but on utility, self-return on ice to it anywhere was not equal. In NHL it has spent more than 500 matches, could spend, apparently, as much again. And suddenly - returning... I simply really sharply have felt that I want to play the native land, - explained Kovalenko. - And at all I am not sorry about the decision: in Russia has felt any unknown emotional lifting .
This emotional lifting was materialised for the Locomotive in two successively triumph in national championships. And a merit of Kovalenko which the Yaroslavl fans have nicknamed an armored train in these victories it is huge. And on full power it was dispersed an armored train then, when it was especially necessary, - in games play - off. The American practice is felt.
in this summer, defining the most valuable hockey player of the superleague, almost all trainers of the Russian clubs have put on Andrey Kovalenko`s first place. The applicant number one on this rank it remains in a season coming.

Alexander Semak: the most skilled
37 years. Severstal (Cherepovets). Attacking. The champion of the USSR 1990 and 1991. The finalist of the Cup of Canada of 1997
In the Russian hockey hardly is more skilled and tempted hockey player. After all Alexander Semak hammered in the ending the Cup of Canada of 1987! And has then played in the Cup of Canada of 1991. And its Canadian Brendan Shenahen on a World Cup of 1996 has frankly struck a stick on the person...
the pupil of the Ufa hockey school, Semak native for itself considers Moscow the Dynamo in which has spent seven seasons. In Salavat Yulaev Semak has won back less - five seasons. But, on the other hand, the Bashkir communications have given the chance to it to found a job, when in the end of last season is white - blue have headed for a structure rejuvenation: the present instructor Severstal Sergey Mikhalev worked in due time in Ufa with Semak and even called him two years ago to Cherepovets when that has decided to return from HNL home. But then old acquaintances have not agreed on price.
anybody from players of the starting championship does not have such impressive track record, as at Semak. In total some the statistical data: in the championships of the USSR Alexander Semak has spent 281 match, has hammered in 120 goals and has made 85 goal passes. In the championships of Russia on ice it left 154 times - 52 thrown washers and 58 goal passes. In NHL it supported New Jersey, Tampa Bay, New York Islanders, Vancouver - only 297 matches and 87 goals.
its trumps remain former: technics, fine vision of a platform and ability to read the game, based on the richest experience.