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Volumes of output of Tambov production have grown on 4,6 % Yesterday in committee on the industry of the Tambov regional administration have informed that for 7 months of this year the industrial enterprises of area have developed production on 11 mlrd rbl. It on 4,6 % exceeds an indicator for the similar period of last year. According to regional administration, over third of specified sum it is necessary on the mechanical engineering and metal working enterprises - the Tambov car-repair factory (TVRZ), joint-stock company Michurinsk lokomotivoremontnyj factory Pervomajskhimmash TVES Michurinsk factory Progress . Thanks to the arrived state order, volumes of output at the Tambov enterprises of the defensive industry " have three times increased; Revtrud and October . This year, according to regional administration, have considerably exceeded last year`s indicators on production development the Tambov enterprises of light industry. So, the Morshansky manufactory famous for manufacture of woollen blankets, has increased output volumes by 7,5 %, volumes of output morshanskogo Open Society the Knitted thread have increased on 26 %. A manufacture gain on rasskazovskom the enterprise Rasky letting out natural skin, has made 14 %, on Kotovsk factory on manufacture of artificial skin - 77 %. At the same time, as mark in regional administration, have not reached even last year`s level volumes of output in food and process industry. Regions. ru

Lipchane began to pay less for products, but it is more - for phone Yesterday in Lipetsk regional management of Goskomstat have informed that consumer prices in region in August have decreased on 0,5 %. Cost of the minimum set of foodstuff in comparison with July was reduced to 13 % and has made 825 rbl. Reduction of prices has occurred from - for seasonal reductions in price of fruit-and-vegetable production. Among neprodovolstvennyh in August the prices for the goods for schoolboys were raised. Besides, on 16 % the payment for telecommunication has raised. Regions. ru

in Voronezh payphones translate on ETK As yesterday have informed in Voronezhsvjazinforme - Open Society branch TSentrtelekom 40 payphone devices in areas of the Voronezh region are translated on a uniform payphone Russia map (ETK). New the telecommunication equipment is established within the limits of realisation of a translation program of the Voronezh payphone park for work on ETK. 125 More universal devices TMGS - 15280 sixth versions of the Perm firm Telta are already prepared for installation in Voronezh. As have informed in the company, these devices are capable to work both on local, and on long-distance, and the international communication networks to accept cards of a local communications service provider and the All-Russia plastic cards which will soon go on sale in the Voronezh post offices. Regions. ru

from Oryol SUPPORT have excluded desjateryh businessmen Yesterday in the Oryol regional branch SUPPORT of Russia have informed that 10 businessmen are excluded from this organisation for regular default of the charter SUPPORT and non-payment of membership dues. The head of bureau on supervision of observance of the rights of businessmen of the Oryol regional branch SUPPORT of Russia Andrey Kanatnikov has explained that this organisation does not intend to be reconciled with a ballast of formal membership . Besides, council of the Oryol regional branch SUPPORT of Russia For uniform distribution of social works has generated working groups on branch lines of activity. Regnum

to a Kursk icon will bow in Dnestr region Yesterday in the Kursk diocese have informed that negotiations now are carried on for transportation possibility to Tiraspol a Kursk relic - icons of Bozhiej of Mother the Sign . The permit to it of the metropolitan of Kursk and Rylsky Juvenalija is already obtained and the package of documents in customs and boundary services (to an icon more than hundred years, and it is cultural value) is issued. For today the arrangement that an icon will accompany to Tiraspol on October, 10th - after its returning from Radical desert in Znamensky a cathedral of Kursk is reached. The letter has come to the mayoralty of Kursk from the head of administration of Tiraspol Valery Kostyrko in whom he guarantees safety and safety of stay of an icon in Dnestr region. It is planned that an icon will take on several cities of Dnestr region. On October, 17th through boundary transition Kuchurgany an icon will send in Izmail (Ukraine) then the Kursk relic will return to a native city. Regions. ru

in Lipetsk have found out an underground alcoholic warehouse Yesterday in Lipetsk the regional Department of Internal Affairs have informed that field investigators have revealed on one of the enterprises in Lipetsk an underground warehouse of spirit. Three lipchan which names do not reveal in the interests of the investigation are detained. Field investigators have confiscated 1,3 thousand litres of spirit. Its quality is defined now by experts. Arrested persons admitted that rented a premise under the oral arrangement with one of directors. Spirit brought in 200 - litre butts then spilt in 5 - litre plastic large bottles and sold. The litre of such drink cost at underground businessmen 45 rbl. On charge in illegal sale of alcohol to young men threatens till six years of imprisonment. Regions. ru