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Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources has frightened RUSIA Petroleum

the Decision of the government of the Russian Federation to refuse a southern variant of building of the oil pipeline Angarsk - Datsin can affect and realisation of the project of export of gaz from the Kovyktinsky deposit to China and South Korea. As it became known such statement was extended by representatives of the company RUSIA Petroleum (RP), being operator Kovykty. The anxiety of shareholders RP is connected by that both pipelines should go parallel routes on small distance from each other.

at the moment three participants of the export project - RUSIA Petroleum China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPK) and Korean Kogas have already agreed about a pipe route. One year ago the variant offered by the Chinese party has been accepted - the gas pipeline should go from a deposit through Angarsk, pass along southern Baikal, round Mongolia and through China to be stretched to South Korea. The length of a pipe in that case will make 5 thousand in km, of them 2 thousand in km - on the Russian territory. Other two discussed variants - through Mongolia, Shanghai and further on a sea-bottom to the South Korean city of Phenthe, and also through northern Baikal have been rejected for different reasons.
it is necessary to notice that interested in realisation of deliveries of gas in Jugo - East Asia the parties already were halfway to the building beginning. The commercial director of department British Petroleum in China Nejl Beveridzh in June of this year has declared that if the governments will give to the project green light building can begin in 2005. In this situation events, considering time for the object building, the first parties kovyktinskogo gas can appear in Jugo - East Asia in 2008. Mister Beveridzh has told that heads of the governments have expressed desire to start realisation of long discussed project right after its end tehniko - an economic justification . In October of this year Russia, Korea and China intended to sign the tripartite agreement on financing tehniko - an economic justification of building of a pipe. The South Korean Ministry of Finance even has published the calculations concerning gas pipeline cost. By estimations of South Koreans, building will cost about $11 billion
the Unique question which remained till now not resolved, there was a cost of deliveries, however now peregovorshchikam, probably, it is necessary to think and over that as well as where to lay a pipe. The day before yesterday the councillor of directors RP Sergey Aleksashenko has declared to agency Interfax that refusal of the state ecological examination in building of the oil pipeline Angarsk - Datsin on a southern route (through the Tunkinsky valley by a southern extremity of lake Baikal - ) can create the same problems and for a gas pipe on which it was supposed to transport kovyktinsky gas in Jugo - East Asia. The matter is that it was initially supposed, as nefte - and a gas pipeline will go in parallel with each other. As already wrote the state ecological examination has refused to approve the YUKOS project because the pipe will pass in this variant very close to coast of Baikal. As the gas pipe approaches to lake on just the same distance also to it can be refused approval of ecologists. In RP yet do not make comments on possible succession of events.