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Angarsk experience is useful to Russia

Yesterday in Angarsk the All-Russia meeting devoted to management by multiroom apartment houses has opened. Angarsk is chosen for carrying out of meeting from - for the innovative approach in sphere housing - municipal services. We will remind that last year the city administration has started realisation of so-called pilot projects for management of available housing.
from the declared participants at meeting there was only a speaker of Legislative Assembly Sergey Shishkin, deputies of the State Duma Konstantin Zajtsev and Sergey Kolesnikov. Expected vitse - the prime minister of the government Vladimir Jakovlev who is responsible for housing and communal services, and also the chairman of Gosstroy of the Russian Federation Nikolay Koshman on meeting have not arrived. There was no also the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district Leonid Drachevsky and the governor of the Irkutsk region Boris Govorin.
Sergey Kruglik has informed Gosstroy of the Russian Federation Representing at meeting gathered that the federal authorities successfully realise the program on housing and communal services reforming. To autumn of this year they had time to create legislative base necessary for the subsequent transformations and have finished work on inventory of an economy which has shown that the debt receivable of the enterprises of housing and communal services as a whole on the country makes 230 mlrd rbl., creditor - 254 mlrd rbl. Gosstroy has introduced in the State Duma the bill of financial improvement housing - the municipal organisations.
according to mister Kruglika, in the countries in which rendering housing - utilities became for a long time business, 90 % of investments into branch come on conditions kontsessionnogo agreements between the state and a private sector. In Russia while there is no such practice, however Gosstroy has already developed the necessary bill.
the Subsequent performances concretised the general thought of mister Kruglika on necessity of transfer of housing and communal services on market rails. vitse - the governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Brilka and the chairman of committee on the housing policy Peter Voronin have repeated already standard theses that housing - the municipal sphere should live under competition laws. Mister Voronin has cited as an example a bad condition of networks in regional municipal power, from - for what the part is warm simply leaves in the earth, and money the regional budget - on the grant to the enterprises . Thus developed control system, according to mister Voronina, is not directed on decrease in costs as the size of financing of trusts is directly proportional to their expenses. If trusts are engaged in decrease in costs, for example, having repaired networks will receive less grants. It is necessary, - mister Voronin has noted, - to pass to trust management by available housing on the basis of market mechanisms . What exactly represents such management, on an example of Angarsk Lydia Suvorov has told the assistant to the mayor.
about one and a half years ago, according to madam Suvorovoj, the volume of debts of the city enterprises of housing and communal services was equal to the annual budget of Angarsk. In these conditions of the power have dared at giving an available housing part to management of the private management company created under home nursing of administration. Officials and businessmen have concluded the contract on which the house manager receives the certain sum from which it should provide performance of services into the account. The rest from this sum will be profit operating the house.
according to madam Suvorovoj, the state of affairs in city kommunhoze has strongly changed. at us sanitary technicians rush now with pagers not to be late to execute the demand - the assistant to the mayor has told. The collecting of payments from the population on the average makes 95 % though fell to 30 - 40 % earlier. the housing and communal services Market is attractive, as manufacturers have a guaranteed consumer - has noted Suvorov`s madam.
after a dinner participants of meeting have gone to get acquainted with Angarsk municipal miracles . However to a trip of the vice-president of Gosstroy Sergey Kruglik has praised administration of Angarsk for useful innovations and has noticed that it is necessary to accept kontsessionnoe the legislation.