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The Voronezh planes have appeared the expensive

Yesterday details of failure of signing of the agreement between airline " became known; Aeroflot and concern Ilyushin Finans Ko . In $500 million contract in cost on delivery ten Silt - 96 manufactures of the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft constructing society should be signed within the limits of an air show MAX - 2003. However the largest Russian airline has decided to postpone agreement signing until more favourable conditions will not be offered it. On August, 13th at a forum in Voronezh on reforming of the Russian aviation industry the chairman of the board of National reserve bank (NRB) Alexander Lebedev has declared preparing signing of the agreement between Ilyushin Finans Ko and Aeroflot . Mister Lebedev aspires to unite all aircraft factories of Russia and already owns large share holdings Ilyushin Finans Ko And the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft constructing society. Contract signing should will take place on August, 20th in the presence of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin within the limits of the International aerospace salon 2003. According to Alexander Lebedev, Aeroflot planned to take in leasing of 10 planes Silt - 96 - four passenger and six cargo. The prospective sum of transaction is estimated in $500 million However on MAX Vladimir Putin did not begin to get acquainted with an exposition of the Voronezh aircraft constructing society where Silt - 96 has been presented. The Voronezh governor Vladimir Kulakov has explained it so later: What for to the president to look aboard the plane on which it flies every day . At the Moscow exhibition the agreement with Aeroflot it has not been signed. Concern Ilyushin Finans Ko has signed the agreement only with airline Volga - Dnepr on remotorizatsii six cargo Silt - 96 for the sum about $300 million
In a management of the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft constructing society (VASO) to the correspondent could not inform the reason of failure of the agreement, having explained that negotiations with Aeroflot proceed. Under the informal information, Aeroflot aspires to bring down the price on Voronezh Silt - 96 with 50 to $36 million Yesterday the chief of service of planning and development of park of aircrafts of Open Society Aeroflot Sergey Koltovich has informed that the airline is not going to refuse the Voronezh planes, and simply is afraid of that the transaction on purchase of these planes will appear for the company unprofitable.
according to mister Koltovicha, the coordination of parametres of the contract on acquisition of aviation technics - very long and laborious process . Now Aeroflot and Ilyushin Finans Ko conduct the coordination of the basic financially - economic treaty provisions. To say about that we have come to the full consent and mutual understanding at all points, while prematurely - mister Koltovich has told.
the Price on which the Voronezh planes are offered, is unfairly overestimated. If to compare these cars to analogues of foreign manufacture, such, as the Boeing 767 Airbus 330 - 200, the Boeing 777 in recalculation on one armchair Silt - 96 on 20 - 40 % more hard and more toplivozatraten - Sergey Koltovich has complained (the Russian plane weighs on 65 tons more and spends more than for 3 tons of more fuel at flight o`clock, than the Boeing 767 which costs about $90 million - ). According to mister Koltovicha, higher expenses on operation Silt - 96 Aeroflot wants to compensate for the account of reduction of price on purchase of such planes.
thus in Aeroflot Have noticed that terms of delivery of planes provide their receipt in the company through
18 months after contract signing. Besides, to Aeroflot it is necessary to register in detail the program of maintenance service of planes Silt - 96. Proceeding from it, Ilyushin Finans Ko KB Ilyushin VASOS should incur guarantees on maintenance of the flight validity of the given planes. Ilyushin Finans Ko already declared plans on creation together with VASO and KB Ilyushin service - the centre in Sheremetev on service Silt - 96 - 300.
As have told to the correspondent in Aeroflot the company also has made to the Voronezh aviabuilders serious demands on comfort of these planes. to us it is important, that operation of planes of airline was effective irrespective of, where also by whom these planes are made - have underlined in airline.
Dmitry Orishchenko