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Townspeople will disaccustom to phone

Under the information, the company Peterstar carries on negotiations with firm Ericsson for purchase of the package switchboard in which possibilities of granting of services classical and IP - a telephony are integrated. One of these days the parties have signed the report on intentions. The new equipment is necessary Peterstaru to be fixed in market IP - a telephony. Its basic competitor Metrocom in the autumn of this year too intend to start advancement IP - services.
IP - telecommunication is carried out on channels of a network the Internet or special IP - to the telephone systems operating by a principle of the Internet. As at such call the international (long-distance) telephone operator is not involved in any way, cost IP - communications appears 10 times less cost of traditional telephone connection. To use services IP - communications, the subscriber has enough from any phone (mobile or usual) to dial city number of operator IP - communications and to enter in tonovom a set a personal PIN code for access to network services.

Services IP - a telephony Peterstar has started to sell in May of last year. In April 2003 - go the company has started in test operation the new equipment for IP - networks - the switchboard softswitch the French company Netcentrex in cost $500 thousand the operator has started Now negotiations with Ericsson about acquisition of the package switchboard in which functions as a classical telephony are initially integrated, and IP - services. In addition to possibility to serve IP - the traffic the package switchboard has capacity of an order of 10 thousand numbers. According to the chief of department of telematic services Peterstara Peter Akulshina, such purchase can appear more favourable, rather than acquisition of a platform for IP - services and telephone exchange separately.
this year we have planned serious investments into development IP - knot. This market will grow both in private, and in corporate sector - the general director " has declared; Peterstara Victor Koresh. - services the competitor " has plans of an exit for mass market IP also; Peterstara - Metrocom . However, to do serious injections in development of this segment the company does not plan. we yet did not advertise IP - a telephony as service for the clients, but we will start to advance it as additional and inexpensive service on the basis of the existing equipment " this autumn; - the director for marketing " has declared; Metrocom Pavel Tereshchenko. Peterstar on the contrary, intend to position IP - service as a worthy kind of communication for the corporate clients. Introducing expensive equipment, we want to destroy developed representation that IP - a telephony less qualitative kind of communication, than usual phone - Victor Koresh has informed.
by data, today the market volume in Petersburg makes $7 - 10 million uses Services of such communication of 20 % of all companies and not less than 10 % of private persons.