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Yury Zhadana will bury near to submariners Kursk

Yesterday the flight from Murmansk to Petersburg had been delivered a coffin with a body of one of crewmen of a submarine To - 159, sunk on August, 30th in Barents sea. The captain 3 - go a rank Yury Zhadan will be buried today on the Serafimovsky cemetery - near to a memorial to the lost submariners Kursk . The coffin was accompanied by parents of the victim, and also four officers of Northern fleet. At the airport of Pulkovo they were met by the small bus and the military man kozelok then the modest train has proceeded on the Suvorovsky prospectus in district hospital.
in mourning farewell ceremony which will begin at ten o`clock in Peter the Great Sea case, the widow of the captain To - 159 Sergeys Lappy Valentines will take part also. So it has turned out that from 10 members of technical crew of a boat (why - that now them name a mooring command) four had a direct bearing on Petersburg: lived, studied. And after tragedy command of Northern fleet has allocated apartment in settlement Janino native Yury Zhadana in the house which is under construction at the expense of Navy means.
yesterday Valentina Lappa has met the chairman of the Petersburg club of seamen - submariners Igor Kurdinym - the club has officially incurred the decision of all questions connected with gathering of the financial help to relatives of lost seamen and the organisation of funeral. So, contrary to the promise of Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov to pay journey from Petersburg to Severomorsk to relatives of the unique escaped seaman of a submarine - the commander of group of remote control of senior lieutenant Maxim Tsibulsky, the ticket aboard the plane to his father has been compelled to buy club. On Tuesday Victor Tsibulsky was already in hospital of Severomorsk near to the son.
mister Kurdin has informed that in coordination with naval command ceremony of farewell to submariners To - 159 should not differ from that that was arranged for crewmen Kursk . On the Serafimovsky cemetery near to a memorial to submariners the site on which can take place to 7 - 8 tombs is taken away in case also others native will express desire to bury in Petersburg the native. The chairman of club of submariners admitted that, under its data, now Central scientifically - the research institute of the Navy has accepted the order for creation of the project of lifting To - 159. In the technical plan operation differs from that that was spent on APRK Kursk : Kursk four times more hard To - 159, besides it has sunk on depth of 100 metres, and To - 159 lies down on 238 metres. On working out it is taken away two months. Lifting can take place in the beginning of summer of the next year.