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The international bank goes marketing

Yesterday the president of the International bank of St.-Petersburg (MBSP) Sergey Bazhans declared that in the near future the bank plans to deduce the actions on stock market. However, by data, at a stock exchange there will be the extremely insignificant number of actions MBSP (no more than 5 %). According to analysts, this step the bank expects to lift the capitalisation before sale of a large package to the strategic investor.
for July, 1st, 2003 actives MBSP have made 16,2 mlrd roubles, own capital - 1,5 mlrd roubles. The basic shareholders of bank are chairman of the board MBSP Sergey Bazhans and Joint-Stock Company structures Banking house ` St.-Petersburg ` .

In bank do not hide that about one and a half years representatives of foreign financial institutions constantly work at bank office, being engaged in the analysis and an estimation of its business. Earlier the bank declared the intention to sell 19,9 % of the actions strategic foreign investor for $10 million Later were sounded more considerable figures, and among potential partners was called as the European Reconstruction and Development Bank. However business while and is not has reached real agreements. Desire to push negotiating process and to raise appeal of the package in the opinion of investors has induced bankers on the whole complex of actions. Have decided to begin with increase of level of an information openness. As an occasion for yesterday`s a press - conference was served by presentation of strategy of development of bank the next three years.
according to Sergey Bazhanov, by 2006 bank actives should grow in 3 times and reach 48 mlrd roubles. On the request to concretise ways of achievement of this purpose Sergey Bazhans has answered that will be applied a method of linear approximation - every year the bank will carry out on 30 % from planned on each of priority directions. The vice-president of bank Gennady Meshcherjakov has slightly opened a veil of privacy. As he said, by 2006 the bank intends to increase the share in the market of crediting of corporate clients about 5 % to 10 - 15 % in Petersburg and from 0,2 % to 1 % in Moscow, a share of the local market of leasing services MBSP wants to increase from 11 % to 15 %.
According to bankers, partially shareholders will help to increase actives - they will redeem issue of actions of bank in volume 1 mlrd roubles which it will spend in the near future. According to mister Bazhanov, a part of the papers shareholders are ready to offer and deduce them on the market in the free reference. However, as it became known, it is a question of insignificant volume - in the market will appear less than 5 % of authorised capital stock MBSP. But their occurrence will be supported by the big dividends. Under the information, in October at extraordinary meeting of shareholders of bank it is planned to consider the problem about it is unprecedented high intermediate dividends following the results of the first half of the year 2003.
it is clear that MBSP tries to provoke an excessive demand for the papers. The high market estimation of actions is necessary to it to raise capitalisation of bank in the opinion of potential investors. In use of such reception MBSP it is completely not lonely. In the same way analysts treat boom in the share market Petersburg PSB which price from the beginning of 2003 as a result of activity of some local broker firms has grown almost in 10 times.