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Legs bare

densely occupied the Petersburg screens Angela Charlies: Only forward (Charlie ' s Angels: Full Throttle), a sequel Angels Charlie 2000 about three girls - superspies, which as pawns, are able to go only forward. About such work as at them, dreams Lydia MASLOV. Angela Charlies: Only forward begin that crowd of any muzhiks of a military kind something approvingly shouts chorus and knocks fists on a table. When the crowd hardly - hardly dissipates, behind a table Drju Berrimor in a protective cap is found out. It lifts eyes, dissolutely smiles, slowly says: I ne angel - and a glass opanki. Kameron Dias in a suit of the Snow Maiden enters: the white fur coat, white marsh high fur boots to hips, hair are collected in tails. Approving shouts amplify. Dias starts to skip voluptuously on vzbrykivajushchem a stuffed animal of a bull - rodeoimitatore. The third maiden, Lucy Liu, too designates the presence by any effective image but which, I do not remember because the chamber all time concentrates on its heels - hairpins. As blind angels Charlie rescue any muzhik adhered to a chair and beat off it at crowd of Russian-speaking Mongols among which the typical Russian guerrilla in a cap with ear-flaps with the naked torso wound with machine-gun tapes, opening chaotic shooting is allocated. From conversations it is soon found out that in a new film of the heroine have received the task to find two rings which at combination allow to learn the access code number to a database with names of witnesses of crimes.
in the first Angelah Charlie still it would be desirable to hope that carefully underlined sex appeal of heroines - simply same additional counter, as kobeljazh James Bond, not cancelling presence in a film at least a plot. The sequel brilliantly dispels these illusions: it inherently a film sex magazine. Perhaps, a porno it is too rigidly told and would be more exact to compare Angels Charlie with man`s magazine of type Maxim after all heroines all - taki go the dressed. But it is such special clothes which should raise more strongly any nakedness. Therein heroines dress up bajkershami, an investigation team, serfingistkami, nuns, striptizershami, washerwomen of cars. Only in one episode angels are shown bared, but in a shade, on kortochkah and for half-seconds, there and then acquiring vests and jeans and provoking imagination even more.
all this defile is very similar to creativity of the maiden musical collectives which participants though open a mouth, pretending to be singing, but is clear that their main mission - defiantly having put on, to accept on a scene or the screen seductive poses. Or, let us assume, you open magazine or the newspaper, and there instead of notes which should write women, their photos in transparent peignoirs. But not all writers of notes steal up on appearance, and the structure of an angelic command is specially completed so that to reflect various man`s expectations: one nogastaja, another busty, and the third... At the third but a cut of eyes beautiful. The same who wants that at once were both feet, and boobs, and eyes, it is possible to risk to address to unkind Lare Kroft who puts on somehow, moreover and it strives to be indulged with fire-arms. Angela Charlie is essentially unarmed (speaks, from - for dislike of Drju Berrimor for the weapon on the screen) and manages by means of only one pure beauty.
to Use guns it is authorised only to the most negative character performed by come back on the screen after a six-year break Demi Moore. It too has shaken than could and has played the former angel - a redemobilization, decided not to listen any more instructions mythical Charlie from a loudspeaker: What for to be an angel if I can play in god? having decided that all is permitted, the heroine Moore puts on antigrinpisovskuju a fur coat directly bikini and shows easy lesbian bents which very much go to its brawny figure. After all if the basic angels are still young enough, that their fine physical form looked as given by nature from a magnificent body Demi Moore far off strikes then which it has a shower bath in gyms.
all aforesaid at all does not mean that this show on which its founders uhajdakali 1,6 million pounds of a film, having broken a record Titanic the managed all 1,2 million, it is not necessary for viewing. On the contrary, very much suits, because, unlike many colleagues, spreading thought on celluloid, authors Angels Charlie extremely accurately represent the most important task - good spectator erektsiju - and for a second from it do not distract.