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The three-mountain factory creates the joint venture

the Project of Three-mountain factory and the French company is indicative. The matter is that till now breweries of Moscow for not clear reason did not involve foreign investors. But Petersburg has attached almost all factories of this profile: 37 % of actions of industrial complex Vienna in 1993 the Finnish company Sinebrychoff has bought; in aktsionirovanii and reconstruction Stepan Razin participates German Holsten; beer factory actions Baltic the Swedish beer monopolist - concern Pripps has got. The only thing (!) Without the foreign investor while there is the oldest beer factory of Petersburg - Red Bavaria .
Moscow, apparently, has decided to take not number ( attached factories), but volume (investments into one project). The declared cost of reconstruction Three-mountain exceeds $55 million While it is a record for similar projects in Russia. However, to speak about a record it is necessary after it will be established. As own investments Three-mountain both Brasserie and Glacier Internacionale will make about third of necessary sum. The rest - the credit for which reception it is in full necessary such a little as predicted behaviour of local authorities.
if the project will be realised, consumers will receive and considerably improved local grades ( Zhigulevsk ) And beer on - French: marks Export - 33 (both light, and dark). Besides, the factory becomes competitive in sense of container: beer will be issued not only in bottles of various capacity, but also in kegah (50 - litre metal kegs for bars). In this connection there is a hope of fast revival of the best traditions Moscow beer - at new level and thanking city beer factory.