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The new retail network

Club which it is easy to enter

In Moscow soon is created there will be one more retail obshchepitovskaja a network under name Beer House Club. It will specialise (apparently from the name) not on sale of sandwiches, hotdogov or Russian bagels, and on retail realisation of beer. It is supposed that to the beginning of summer in capital will open about 20 mobile pavilions - pivbarov Beer House and one stationary a pub. Founder Beer House Club - the company the Russian beer - is the manufacturer of breweries of low power largest in Russia. Therefore to trade these points (besides snack) will be the beer welded on located in Moscow mini - the factories which have been let out the Russian beer .

Now the Russian beer Actually is a monopolist on sale mini - breweries in Russia (capacity to 4 thousand in l a day). For two years of the activity the company has started 101 mini - factory, installation of 45 more breweries is now made. Establishing lower prices, the company has forced out from the market of many foreign manufacturers (such as German HBH) and could press the Russian competitors considerably. In due course a management the Russian beer has come to a conclusion - if to sell beer factories so favourably, that, on - visible, it is not less favourable to sell and beer, on them made. And then retail network Beer House Club has been thought up. However, the most part of its authorised capital stock (15,315 mlrd rbl.) Still it is necessary to type - a payment Rospiva in an authorised capital stock (real estate, 3 four-ton and 2 monophonic breweries) covers about 30 % of its volume.
It is supposed that about 15 % of actions Beer House will disperse among workers entering in Rospivo metalcutting manufactures. The others will extend among private investors. Despite mistrust of the Russian private investors to securities of various joint-stock companies, according to the general director the Russian beer (and in combination and heads Beer House Club) Evgenie Belkin, placing of actions of a retail beer network will pass quickly and without problems. In further (for 1,5 - 2 years) Beer House expect to have in Moscow already 50 - 70 pubs and about 200 mobile bars.
creation of a similar mobile beer network, probably, will be connected with one specific inconvenience. The matter is that in Moscow now only 52 public toilets (for example, in the centre of their New York nearby 300). And considering rather low retail price of beer in Beer House Club (it will make about 6 thousand for litre), it is possible to assume what to come into a similar institution it will want much to clubmen Beer House .