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The question price

an observer
Arrival of inspectors of IAEA in Iran means start concerning Teheran of the mechanism already tested in Iraq. After all a mode in Bagdad at first too have suspected of possession weapons of mass destruction. The demand about the international inspections has been then made. And when inspectors have not found anything suspicious, initiators of punishment of Saddam Hussein have declared: means, weapons of mass destruction had time to hide. Then operation " has followed; Shock and trembling .
the Choice Americans of Iran (namely the USA are the ideologist of punishment of the Iranian mode) as the most probable next victim is not casual. The matter is that the potential of the American victory in Iraq, still yesterday seeming inexhaustible, thaws literally in the face of. And together with it George Bush`s rating thaws and the number dissatisfied with its foreign policy grows.
In this situation in the White house have, seemingly, considered that one victory in Iraq can and not suffice for George Bush`s guaranteed re-election by the president in November, 2004. Therefore it is better to find in advance the reserve opponent the victory over which would lift again a rating of the present owner of the White house to transcendental heights.
among potential candidates for a role next the main stronghold of the international terrorism Iran obviously is more preferable than the others to the USA. It is in the same region, as Iraq that is why to be engaged in a mass transfer of armies (as, say, in a case with the North Korea) the USA it is not necessary.
There is also one more weighty, from the point of view of Americans, the reason defining a choice of Iran as the following potential victim. Iran in the opinion of Americans became hardly probable not the main threat for their successes in Afghanistan and Iraq. After all happens so that Teheran has skilfully used fruits of the American victories in these countries.
Its influence constantly grows in Afghanistan. The main deterrent which throughout many years for Shiits guided by Teheran was Talibs, is not present more. And in Iraq the structures constraining in days of board of Saddam of radical Shiits are successfully destroyed. Besides Saddam Hussein`s applying today on the power in the country many opponents, disappeared until recently in the next Iran and used protection of the local authorities. Elections prepared now by Americans in Iraq where about 60 % of the population - Shiits or their supporters, most likely, will yield result which will suit Teheran, rather than Washington more. Therefore the USA also have turned the angry looks to Teheran and have decided that while in power there there is a radical Islamic mode, victory fruits in Afghanistan and Iraq it not to see.
Here also it turns out that the price of realisation by Americans of the plans in region and maintenance of the guaranteed victory of George Bush on the following presidential election is a change of a present Iranian mode.
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