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On behalf of a city it is necessary to pass further

Yesterday the mayor of Nizhni Novgorod Vadim Bulavinov has reported for the first year of the work as the town governor. According to the mayoralty, for the accounting period the condition of city treasury has essentially improved. It is available successes in an accomplishment, updating of street illumination and repair of roads. At the same time Bottom on - former owe areas of 900 million rbl. under an euroloan of 1997, extremely slowly builds the underground and underfeeds patients and children . Governor Gennady Khodyrev and plenipotentiary Sergey Kirienko have approved mayoralty work, having promised it on the future a shoulder and support . The report of mayor Vadim Bulavinova about made for the first year of work passed in a concert hall Jupiter . It is remarkable that in October, 2002 inauguration ceremony svezheizbrannogo the town governor in the same place took place. Both times of halls on 1100 places it was full to the full. Yesterday to listen to the mayor heads of the industrial enterprises, deputies of all levels, officials, delegates of eight areas of Nizhni Novgorod have come.
          the mayor long smoked at   an input, observing for   how in   « Jupiter » people are flown down. It   has informed « » that from   the beginnings and   to   the end has written the report text itself, on   own laptop, having collected data with   all departments of city administration. However, for convenience of perception Vadim Bulavinova`s work then should be reduced on   three quarters.
          in   presidium on   to a concert hall scene as examination board sat the plenipotentiary of the president Sergey Kirienko and   the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Gennady Khodyrev. The chairman of a municipal duma Ivan Karnilin rather professionally executed functions of the compere. It   declared that the report of the mayor passes « in   conformity with   33 - j article of the Charter of Nizhni Novgorod » and   has without wasting words invited to   to a microphone of the man of the hour.
          to begin with mister Bulavinov has drawn a picture 2   October, 2002 when its command has started to   to work in   the mayoralties. It was found out that on   that moment has exceeded the consolidated debt of a city 6   mlrd 288 million rbl. at the confirmed annual budget in   5   mlrd 122 million rbl. Debts of Nizhni Novgorod developed from   « kreditorki » (more than 2   mlrd 58   million rbl.) Debts of the municipal unitary enterprises, 900 - million debts on   to an euroloan, housing and   transport to loans. 260 million rbl. made loans in   commercial banks. The mayor also has informed that in   last weeks works of a command of previous mayor Yury Lebedev it has been signed more than 100 orders « about   zemleotvodah to related firms ».
          Long-term debts of city treasury gazovikam and   energetikam constantly threatened a city of switching-off of the blessings of a civilisation. Vadim Bulavinov as if conducted the reporting from   destroyed Bottom year prescription: « Pesko - the hydrochloric mix on the eve of winter is delivered half and   not   it is paid. Street illumination is not present. Roads are broken. For earth capture under elite building in   city centre burn shabby houses ».
          Logically the story about   further should follow; more safe present. The present town governor has laconically informed that the accounts payable Bottom is lowered, to banks is paid, 300 - the million debt Gaza also is returned. Debts energetikam or are re-structured, or them   no, current payments are carried out in time. Zemleotvody, named mister Bulavinovym « free » audits and   are subjected; are cancelled. Pesko - a hydrochloric mix to   to winter 2003 - 2004 it is delivered and   it is paid completely. Lanterns are replaced on   more modern and   burn. Roads are repaired. « I   has exhausted all with urns and   cleaning »   — the mayor self-critically recognised.
          certainly, the mayor left on   a tribune not   to praise itself the whole hour. It   has declared: « It is impossible to put on pink glasses »   — and   has told about   lacks of city life. City debts on   to an euroloan not   have decreased. The underground is under construction slowly. On   to results of winter 2002 - 2003 at   nizhegorodtsev there was a weight of claims to   to urban services   — Bottom sank in   snowdrifts. To   to winter 2003 - 2004 of service have completed with new technics, and   now it   it is necessary, on   to words of the town governor to pass examination. And   here work of the centre of the municipal order is already recognised by a management of a city by unsatisfactory: « the Center works less year, but   already has had time to become great. Products are bought with   the margin to   80 %, mean, we   we underfeed patients and   children ».
          But   the main output of the last year   — political   — it was obvious audiences and   without the report of the mayor. Gennady Khodyrev and   Sergey Kirienko looked on   reporting town governor kind eyes. War between federal, regional and   in the city power after election as Vadim Bulavinova`s mayor has terminated. All have united for teamwork, realisation in   day of idea of a capital character Bottom and   so further. The mayor with   sincere gratitude has declared that all achievements in   to accomplishment sphere became possible « exclusively thanks to Khodyrev Gennady Maksimovichu and   Kirienko Sergey Vladilenovichu ».
          the Governor and   the plenipotentiary have loved the mayor. Sergey Kirienko recognised that Vadim Bulavinova`s command has well worked « as fire » And   has offered not   to stop on   the reached. « each court yard should be shined, as the central highways! Each street should look, as Big Pokrovsk! From   persons of a city are time for passing further »   — the plenipotentiary has declared.
          in   Gennady Khodyrev has noted the turn in   Vadim Bulavinove aspiration to make a city krashe and   too has called further   — to   to the decision of perspective problems. To   it the governor has carried mass building of accessible habitation for young families, « revolution » in   housing and communal services with   attraction of investors and   osovremenivanie transport system. With   the party head of area guaranteed to the mayor « a shoulder and   support ».