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Father Masjani has adopted six and a half heroes

Yesterday the head of studio Mult. ru Oleg Kuvayev has presented the new project. The first series of a cartoon film Six and a half already today it will be placed on a site of a network of the centres of mobile communication Coherent to which posesses the rights to a serial. Mister Kuvayev hopes that a scandalous situation with a cartoon serial Masjanja when it has lost the rights to commercial use of the characters created by it, will not repeat.
Oleg Kuvayev and the artist Maria Stepanova who has thought up six and a half heroes of a new serial (actually their seven, but, according to madam Stepanovoj, one is so small that does not pull on whole), have specially arrived to Moscow on presentation of the new project. As mister Kuvayev, " has noted; ` Six and a half ` is the first project postmasjaninskogo the period . Unlike Masjani The new cartoon serial will be presented not on resource specially created for it, and on a site svyaznoy. ru networks Coherent and to leave not weekly, and approximately twice a month. According to the president of this network Maxim Nogotkova, the company has decided to involve small, but Oleg Kuvayev`s talented collective that the site ` Coherent ` has turned to the most popular portal devoted to mobile communication . Will not advertise Thus mobile phones heroes of a serial.
Oleg Kuvayev has acted in a role art - directors of the project. Four series existing by this time Six and a half Maria Stepanova has made. She admitted: I drew All heroes of a serial from the friends... Some consider that in a serial it is too much sex, drugs and fate - n - a beater, but actually it is no more of them, than in real life .
All rights to images of heroes Six and a half and on manufacture of accompanying production - from T-shirts to prompts of mobile phones - belong Coherent . The correspondent has taken an interest at mister Kuvayev, whether he is afraid of repetition of history with the rights to Masjanju. We have learnt a lesson from history with Masjanej, - mister Kuvayev has answered, - and have made everything that it has not repeated. In the contract all is accurately defined, and we do not wait for any problems . According to mister Kuvayev, the offer Coherent has fine helped studio taking into account that difficult situation in which it is . In how many have managed Coherent the rights to a cartoon serial, both parties have refused to tell, referring to a trade secret. The only thing that mister Nogotkov has informed, - this sum is less $1 million
Meanwhile in due time brand cost Masjanja experts estimated in $1,5 million a year. However, after the head of Open Company Masjanja Grigory Zorin to whom mister Kuvayev has transferred the rights to commercial use of characters of a cartoon serial, has in turn transferred all rights created by it Open Company Alvins mister Kuvayev has ceased to supervise destiny of the heroes. The image Masjani began to be duplicated without the knowledge of the author and contrary to its desire. In September on the channel Muses - TV even there was a current - show On a visit at Masjani which mister Kuvayev has characterised as the uttermost lawlessness, a brothel and delirium .
According to the expert in the copyright on the Internet, the lawyer of Studio Artemija Lebedev Andrey Mironov, now mister Kuvayev most likely will manage to avoid similar problems. obzhegshis once on Grigorii Zorin, Oleg Kuvayev became for certain more careful, - mister Mironov has informed. - That history was it is caused by that copyright questions dared already on a course of advancement of the project, and it is always fraught with complexities. Now, how much I can judge, all is stipulated that is called, ashore, and there are no bases to think that Kuvayev is again thrown .