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Hamid Karzai
the president of Afghanistan
Nobody wants to destroy completely ` the Taliban `. These people are a part of our country .
Such words in interview Bi - Bi - Si the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has stated a position of the government concerning movement the Taliban . Mister Karzaj has informed that it opposes terrorism, instead of against peace followers the Taliban : I would like, that they have returned to Afghanistan and steels its part . Mister Karzaj has declared that only small part of Talibs is involved in terrorism. in our corner of the world the terrorism is a product of extremism and is used as the political tool... If the extremism rooted in Afghanistan the mode ` ` would not manage to be destroyed the Taliban so quickly, within a month. Talibs were expelled by the people . Nevertheless mister Karzaj recognised that in Afghanistan very many the armed bands till now operate and the terrorism still represents serious threat. Mister Karzaj has underlined that from the moment of falling of a talib mode will reach the big progress in business of training of the Afghani people: Already 4,2 million children attend schools, and from those who is involved in an education system, 40 % make women .
Hamid Karzai also has informed that is going to participate in the following presidential election and has already started to form own political movement. He has declared that in Afghanistan the political parties possessing own armed formations will be forbidden.
full text of performance of the president of Afghanistan read on a site www. kommersant. ru/ leaders.