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Race for power

to Makiko Tanaka is going to revenge Dzjunitiro Koidzumi
Yesterday in Japanese mass-media there were messages that Makiko Tanaka, the daughter of premieres - the minister and the founder correcting Liberally - democratic party (LDP), is going to return to a big-times politics and can take part in the parliamentary elections planned for November. In January, 2002 prime minister Dzjunitiro Koidzumi has appointed its head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, understanding that its popularity at a female part of Japanese electorate will raise a rating of its office. Besides, he counted that madam Tanaka having the abacus with party and state functionaries, will help it with its struggle against bureaucrats and the conservatives opposing it structural reforms . Makiko Tanaka undertook to expose really quickly enemies in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared by it a dwelling of demons and in political circles, than has caused electorate admiration, but has made enemies among Party members and midovtsev. Besides its dismantlings with opponents often simply blocked work and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and parliament. As a result in the summer of 2002 of premieres has been compelled to send the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in resignation. Her even have accused of no-purpose use of ministerial funds. However this week the Office of Public Prosecutor declared that will not put forward against madam Tanaki of charges on this business. Thus, before eks - the minister, got in the opinion of its numerous admirers a nimbus of the martyr for idea, possibility to return to a policy has opened. It is expected that on October, 5th she can already declare the intention to participate in parliamentary elections. Most likely, it will go on them under the slogan destructions LDP that is on the opposition party that should disturb a management of party in power and the prime minister to which madam Tanaka has not forgiven the exile from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

George Bush`s Rating continues to fall
According to sociologists, level of support of US president George Bush in New York for last months has fallen more than on 10 % and does not exceed 42 %. In comparison with September, 2001 the rating has decreased almost twice. In June, 2001, before events on September, 11th, it made 44 %, and after September, 11th unprecedented growth to 82 % has been fixed. Now the situation for the president became critical.
director Qunnipiac University Polling Institute of Mauris Kerrol asserts that so low rating of the US president is connected first of all with crisis in economy and war in Iraq. Even more often experts, talking politics present administration, remember a proverb Like father like son . As it is known, the father of the present head of the White house George Bush - the senior has lost elections to democrats from - that could not cope with an economic crisis after a victory in Persian gulf.
by results of polls spent on Wednesday, the situation began to change in favour of candidates from democrats. For example, the former commander-in-chief allied forces of the NATO in Europe Uesli Clark who does not have political experience, is supported by 18 % of Americans. For the former governor of the State of Vermont Howard Dina 17 % of voters, for the senator from Connecticut Joe Liberman - 13 %, and for John Kerri, the senator from Massachusetts, - 12 % today would vote. Together candidates from democrats type 48 % - on six points more than George Bush.