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Shareholders of creamery have gathered twice
Yesterday has taken place at once two extraordinary meetings of shareholders of Joint-Stock Company masloekstraktsionnyj factory ` Kropotkinsky ` (MEZ). One has been spent at the initiative of new shareholders of the enterprise in the name of group Sigma (its representatives supervise now MEZ), the second - at the initiative of former administration of the enterprise. At the first meeting of shareholders powers of the supervisory board led by Pavel Svirsky have been confirmed and changes are made to the charter. The shareholders who have taken part in the second action, have expressed support of former administration led by Victor Zharko. Besides, yesterday the arbitration court of Krasnodar territory has removed obespechitelnye measures for which account new management MEZa has passed on the enterprise. However in Sigme declare that this decision will not have any consequences, as Powers of the director are defined by corporate decisions and documents .

the Russian mass-media live for the account roznitsy
the Ministry of Press has published the data according to which the volume of realisation of the Russian periodical press on a subscription and at retail by 2005 will grow to $2 billion In 2002 this figure has made $1,2 - 1,3 billion In 2003, at a rough guess, sales of the Russian press will reach $1,5 billion For bolshej parts of the Russian printing editions the basic source of the income there is a sale of circulations. Besides, the Ministry of Press notices that the parity between incomes of retail and of a subscription gradually changes in favour of the first: now it makes approximately 1,5 to 1. By 2005 of receipt from roznitsy will exceed incomes of a subscription twice.

At RBC - TV have stolen a cable
Last night telecasting of the channel of RBC - TV has been temporarily stopped for technical reasons. Thus the Internet - the channel version continued to work. As it was found out, at night someone cut off 200 - a metre piece of a coaxial cable in a television network of RBC - TV, from - for what the signal was gone. According to the general director of RBC Yury Rovensky, such incidents happen often enough. Unfortunately, to protect a cable in a city very difficult as it passes on roofs and in the general collectors. According to the employee Space - TV even in accordance with GOST at a lining of communications of any protective means it is not provided, though sometimes at will of the customer are put a box which protect more likely from a rain and a dirt, than from thieves.
to 15. 00 announcement has been restored.

the Declaration on intentions
IKEA has gone to woods
By the end of 2004 the Swedish concern IKEA will construct in Kostomuksha a complex on manufacture of components of furniture in cost $19 million The head of department of an investment policy of the ministry of economic development of Kareliya Yury Smirnov has informed on it yesterday. As he said, in October the government of Kareliya and IKEA will sign the general cooperation agreement. Competitions on rent of wood fund will be till the end of the year held. As Yury Smirnov has informed, for normal functioning of manufacture IKEA it is necessary for 250 thousand cubic metre of raw materials a year. Complex building will roughly begin spring of 2004. Manufacture will be located in Kostomuksha, and wood fund IKEA intends to lease in Kalevalsky area of Kareliya.
a prime - TASS

Altan sells the block - a package
Barnaul scientifically - product company Altan (now its structure includes Open Societies Pospelihinsky industrial complex of bakeries Open Company Pospelihinsky macaroni factory and the trading house Altan ) One of the largest manufacturers of pasta in Russia, plans to sell more than 25 % of actions of the company. The general director has informed on it " yesterday; Altana Valery Pokornjak. We conduct search of the profile and strategic investor to which are ready to sell let not control, but a blocking share holding - he has declared, having added that the price of this package - a subject of negotiations . According to experts Altana in 1999 the company cost about $18 million Mister Pokornjak has told that now there are negotiations with the investment company Aton which is ready to be engaged in search of the partner for Altana .

Skajlink has reached Moscow
Yesterday in the Moscow streets there were advertising billboards with a slogan cellular communication Evolution . Under data, thus the company The Moscow cellular network has begun an advertising campaign of a network of cellular communication of the third generation Skajlink which opening is planned for November of this year.
the new cellular network will give to the subscribers a telecommunication service of standard IMT - MC - 450 (he allows not only to speak but also to transfer and obtain the data with a speed to 153 kbit/ second). A similar network of mobile communication Skajlink (the operator - the company Delta a Telecom ) Already operates in St.-Petersburg and serves about 30 thousand subscribers. We will remind that in the middle of September affiliated structure of holding RTDC of Joint-Stock Company Skajlink has redeemed 43,1 % of shares of company Delta a Telecom at Open Society severo - the Western Telecom and 23,5 % of actions MSS at Open Society Rostelecom (the sum of transactions has made $4,5 million and $5 million accordingly). Thus, now Joint-Stock Company Skajlink has controlling interests of the Moscow and Petersburg operators of mobile communication.

Judiciary practice
Cisco has defended the copyrights
past Wednesday the American company Cisco Systems has achieved the extrajudicial agreement with one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of the telecommunication equipment - Huawei Technologies, and also its branches Huawei America and FutureWei Technologies. Let`s remind that in January of this year Cisco has submitted the claim against Huawei to district court of Texas, having accused the Chinese company of illegal use of the intellectual property. It was a question of operating system Cisco IOS which elements Huawei illegally used in the workings out. A preliminary judgement in June Huawei it was forbidden to sell the equipment in other countries, and also to suppose the engineers seeing code Cisco, to working out of new versions. Besides, Huawei should stop user`s guide release to the USA and placing on the Internet of pages of the help. According to the arrangement reached on Wednesday the Chinese company will make changes to the workings out that will be checked up by the commission of independent experts. If results of check satisfy Cisco, it will withdraw the claim.