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Wild angel have definitively tamed

In Moscow again Natalia Orejro
tours a platform

In the State Kremlin palace with two concerts has acted Natalia Orejro has acted. The Latin American singer who has become constant visitor at us was listened once again by correspondent ANDREY - ZAHAREV.
Even news that Natalia Orejro will arrive again have appeared in the spring of this year and that especially intrigued, for a long time. But the promised 25 concerts in Russia were constantly postponed, as a result the singer has arrived to give only seven concerts over two of which it has read the burial service in GKD. First it seemed that for the Moscow public of it it is small - after all for three previous arrivals to Russia madam Orejro has got here weight of admirers, having achieved more considerable successes, than Veronica Castro and Lusija Mendes is no time sunk down to Russians in soul passionate Mexican women.
However to the people for concerts has gathered unexpectedly a little. The handful of the people, which part traded in photos of the singer, and another has come under invitations. Much even have allowed to take places more close to a scene for creation of effect of a packed house which reminded that a greenhouse - from an abundance of the brought colours circus - very young admirers at Natalia Orejro. They too on - to the prepared for tour of the favourite singer. The exhibition of its portraits testified to it in hall GKD. And someone even has brought a flag of Uruguay and prior to the beginning of a concert has started to swing it in an orchestra. The concert began a hit Que digan lo que quieran from a latest album Turmalina . But the people obviously expected hits from early disks, and it has soon received them - a soundtrack to a teleserial the Wild angel Cambio dolor Tu veneno Huracan and Rio De La Plata .
mass mobilisation to a scene of admirers has soon begun. Though protection forbade to carry by soft toys, someone first of all zapulnul in Natalia Orejro a plush hare. Have got not at once. After a repeated throw the singer has caught a hare and has thrown for side scenes. When on the third song Natalia Orejro has suddenly sat down on a red sofa and has sung at once three ballads successively, many have decided that she was tired. To help to continue a concert on a scene any bright girl has got out. Having waved away from the importunate security guard and having sung a duet with the singer a song couplet, she has decided to be the soloist till the end of a concert, and even to go on the further tours. But singer Orejro has there and then destroyed career plans of the child the gesture, offering to return to a hall, - go, I will finish singing.
After that incident of the security guard, lost vigilance because of multi-coloured brassieres and trousers with cuts which Natalia changed some times for a concert, again undertook to filter carefully a stream of squealing adolescents and to admit them to a scene small safe groups - to it remains of nothing how to show the vocal abilities directly from an orchestra. If Natalia Orejro did not sing, and simply went on a scene, sometimes changing clothes and distributing to the wishing autographs it would be quite enough. Though anybody also did not shout the Encore! did not clap, the singer long did not release. All simply gloomy and persistently stood, as if knew what to finish a concert simply so to the singer conscience will not allow. The singer left and has sung the second time Cambio dolor . Suddenly who has not heard some minutes ago?