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it is better to chew, than to speak

In Petersburg teledebates of candidates in governors
regional elections

in St.-Petersburg have come to the end Yesterday two-day teledebates of candidates in city governors - the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - Valentina Matvienko`s Western federal district and vitse - the governor of Petersburg of Anna Markovoj have come to the end. The second round of voting will pass in Sunday, on October, 5th.
in comparison with the first day of debate (wrote about them in the previous number) yesterday vitse - the governor and the plenipotentiary have exchanged not only places in studio, but also shape: Matvienko`s madam has replaced a strict jacket with more womanly dress, madam Markova - on the contrary. Debate has begun with memoirs on the previous meeting: the plenipotentiary has accused vitse - the governor that that has not answered one question, and has received in the answer reproach in an inadequate condition. But style of dialogue of opponents has sharply changed. Packing of a cud with the offer " was Anna Markovoj`s unique excentric gesture thrown on a table to the TV presenter; it is better to chew, than to speak . And Valentina Matvienko not only did not smile, but also kept rather severely.
Vitse - the governor has declared that it the governor city and whether the city of the federal help if will not choose the governor of the plenipotentiary has taken an interest, will lose. The credo of the madam of Matvienko remains former: she has repeated the thesis that if the federal authority does not trust local will not give to a city of money. Thus Valentina Matvienko has remembered that the city has badly spent the money allocated for a ring road. Anna Markova has declared that it is a question of the plenipotentiary to itself . Also has paid attention that Petersburg, unlike other regions, has not received the federal help for preparation for winter: Or at us conditions are better, or your promises - a candy in a beautiful wrapper .
After strategic reasonings candidates have passed to the mutual recriminations connected with business of their relatives. we in television studio, instead of in regional department of militia, and I would not be surprised, if you have brought today a desk lamp and have directed it on me - has declared Valentine Matvienko. Further she accused time and again the opponent of lie, falseness and cynicism, and also in communications with puppeteers and shadow forces . Thus she has some times repeated that madam Markova shifts all from a sick head on the healthy. In turn, Anna Markova on a question, what for it goes in governors, has answered: That in a city did not come back obkomovskie usages . It had also a personal occasion to take offence at Matvienko`s madam: vitse - the governor has shown an envelope with a congratulation by Day of older persons, having reminded that it though is the military pensioner, but does not consider itself elderly. A question, whether Matvienko`s madam considers itself elderly, it has appeared in debate by the last. So also last word remains this time for Matvienko who have declared to Anna Markovoj`s the madam that at them the different relation to people .
On it discussion has come to the end, and candidates have passed to solo performances - for 15 minutes to everyone. Valentina Matvienko acted on a piece of paper. She has declared that one percent of which has not sufficed it for a victory in the first round, has dispelled a myth about an administrative resource; has stated a number of charges to Anna Markovoj; has listed the basic theses of the electoral programme and has finished speech by the slogan that together we can all and we will win .
Anna Markova has preferred to speak without in advance prepared text. She has explained that did not conduct propaganda from - for absence of financing, has remembered one and a half month, spent by it in court from - for checks of signatures of voters, and has sworn to protect townspeople at any level . Having promised to break the mechanism of bureaucratic machinery operating a city, vitse - the governor has urged a city to oppose to an administrative resource the civil. The culmination of performance of a steel the words devoted eks - to the governor of Petersburg Vladimir Jakovlevu who has supported the plenipotentiary: Who was supported by Jakovlev, its this private affair, but I will not throw in it a stone as Putin has not betrayed Sobchaka .
Unlike the well-known debate of 1996 of Vladimir Jakovleva with Anatoly Sobchakom, passing on Friday before the Saturday moratorium on propaganda and become by a final chord of election campaign, this year, according to the new local law on elections, debate should come to the end not later than Thursday. Therefore candidates still have possibility to recoup in a paid aether last day to propaganda. Than Valentina Matvienko has providently used: yesterday, right after end of teledebates, in an aether there was a documentary film about the plenipotentiary Travel from Leningrad to Petersburg (removed by request of VGTRK), and last advertising release of conversations on the air with Igor Shadhanom (the author of documentary films about president Putin) tonight will take place. And here Anna Markova has not redeemed in the second round of any minute from advertising time put to it.
ANNA - PUSHKARSKY, St.-Petersburg