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The prices for the foodstuffs in Russia

sunflower-seed oil Stocks run low

In spite of the fact that for the first week of February wholesale prices for sunflower-seed oil in Russia have changed slightly, the market condition allows to assume that rates of increase of the prices for this product will increase in the near future. About it says that fact that more all for a week has grown wholesale prices in the regions making a sunflower seed, and oil in those areas where the prices by the end of January have grown already enough strongly thanks to what demand for oil there has a little fallen has fallen in price.

the Greatest rates of increase of wholesale prices for sunflower-seed oil last week are registered in Rostov-on-Don where wholesale price of litre of oil has risen about 3300 rbl. to 4000 rbl. Practically wholesale prices in Tyumen (5217 rbl./) and Magadan (10 000 rbl./) have not changed, and in Krasnoyarsk they even have a little gone down (about 6800 rbl./ l to 6000 rbl./. Even at the most approximate comparison it is visible that the prices in the Siberian and Far East regions much above the level justified by transportation of a product and for this reason the rise in prices potential here was not expressed in real changes of a conjuncture. Besides, under the certificate of some Siberian dealers, for the first week of February the quantity of wholesale offers of sunflower-seed oil has increased. It is possible to explain it to that involved with so considerable regional difference of the prices dealers (for example, from the central Russia) made active sunflower-seed oil import in more remote regions. However, as it was already mentioned, the considerable rise in price of oil in southern regions of Russia testifies to the beginning of a new coil of the prices. Last statistical data about volumes of output of this product in Russia confirms such conclusion. According to the company Oil (Created on the basis of management maslozhirovoj industries Rospishcheproma), in January, 1995 the vegetable oil volume of output in Russia has made 68 % from a corresponding indicator of 1994, and the enterprises already finish processing of seeds and soon can stop completely. In total last year the Russian factories have made 782 thousand tons of oil in comparison with 1,027 million tons in 1993. So preconditions for deficiency increase it is available.