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Problems of regulation of a course in Belarus

have decided to be engaged in Rescue of the Belarus rouble officials

the disputes connected with regulation of a course of the Russian rouble had not time to cease still, and similar problems have already taken hold of minds of the higher government officials of other states - the former republics USSR. In particular, in Minsk the commission created by the presidential decree on studying of activity of the currency market and the Interbank currency stock exchange which structure besides representatives of National bank and the Ministry of Finance included also many officials from presidential administration within the next few days is going to start to work.

the Problems put by Presidential Administration of Belarus before the commission, very much bear a strong resemblance to the questions solved by the Russian commission of Security council about the reasons black Tuesday . In particular, it is entrusted to the Belarus commission in a month To clear a situation with a Belarusian rouble exchange rate and to place for consideration the president of Byelorussia of the offer on creation of the effective mechanism of definition of a rate of national currency . By estimations of representatives of a management of National bank of Belarus, a part of the commission, a main objective of its creation - intervention in process market kursoobrazovanija from presidential administration. At the same time the national bank position in this question remains former and means definition of the rate of exchange by exclusively market methods, that is following the results of the exchange auctions. That is, to count on mutual understanding between committee-men it is not necessary.
At the same time the fact of creation by the presidential decree of similar structure to which it is permitted even in case of need to make changes and additions in the republic current legislation, already are called into question by the further existence of such institute as an interbank currency stock exchange. As similar precedents already took place as in the Belarus (in March of last year the auctions at a stock exchange have been suspended according to the Ministerial council decision), and in other republics, in particular, in Ukraine and in Turkmenistan. Considering that in one of attempt cases to establish the rate of exchange an administrative way did not promote strengthening of national currency and improvement of the external economic situation, it is possible to assume with full confidence, as actions of the Minsk commission also will not lead to strengthening of positions of the Belarus rouble. So, the innovative offers stated by some committee-men to refuse existing practice of the exchange auctions and hardly a Belarusian rouble exchange rate depending on consumer`s basket cost will define to promote stabilisation of the currency market of republic.